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Technical Support Questions » Can't log in » Go to message
Same problem.
Technical Support Questions » Can't log in » Go to message
As soon as I log in it kicks me out saying "Invalid content recieved. Please check your connection."
My connection is fine. I updated, reinstalled, rebooted my phone but nothing.
UniWar: Origins » Mystery » Go to message
The scene was a gruesome one. Blood, limbs and bones covered a big patch of the grassy area. The poor guy was all over the place. As usual, people started gathering around the crime scene, glancing over shoulders, slowing down their morning runs as they passed by.
"Damn sapiens." Muttered the detective. Didn't they have any better way of starting the day than staring at a torn, dead body?
He looked around for evidence of any wrongdoing. If the man was killed before splattering on the ground, it was gonna be real hard to prove. He looked up towards the higher floors of the building.
"Agent Lodeous, what floor did you say he..."fell" from?" Asked the detective Simsverd.
"The very top floor, Detective." Sims looked troubled by this. He closed his eyes and massaged his temples with his indexes. Lodeous had never seen him like that, this meant something went spectacularly wrong. The crowd was getting larger, even some damned khrals started taking an interest in the accident. Of course they would, stupid, bloodthirsty bugs.
The detective started walking back to his marauder when he noticed the confusion in the agent's eyes. He stopped and sighed. "You have no clue do you? That over there.." and he waved his arms trying to encompass all of the pieces of flesh "..that body used to belong to Xavi."

To be continued...
General Discussion » Spookyhouse devs Q and A » Go to message
Well I am glad to see our new Devs so eager to answer all the questions
General Discussion » A tale of Glory - 1000uc prize for grabs!! » Go to message
Heart of courage and will made of stone
Bloodier tournament the world has yet to see
Testament that even legends are made of flesh and bone
And they too can shatter just like you and me

So the day had come that Duaneski met his match
A legend so great provides shadow for many a soul
The evil EVR might prove a tough one to scratch
May the great Moose guide his hand through it all

They clashed in the mud under dark wicked skies
Even Gods watched as the battle shook the earth
And the Duane proved he was a giant in disguise
He set his will to put EVR under 6 feet of dirt.

'Tis some opponent!' exclaimed the evil EVR
As Duaneski matched all his might and gore
Every blow and slash was a guaranteed scar
The guts and blood spilled all over the floor

Seven days and nights lasted the bloody feud
The vultures covered the whole celestial sphere
But in the end the legendary warrior was subdued
And Duaneski sipped on his deserved victory beer

The peoples had gathered to admire the scene
The giant had fallen before their bewildered eyes
In the greatest battle they had ever seen
The poem is over I came to claim my prize.
New Feature Request » New Tournament Style - Sit & Go » Go to message
I play poker! And I like your idea (even though you ignored my message. Shame on you.)
User Generated Maps » Map Contest II Voting Booth » Go to message
I vote for 9
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