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New Feature Request » Guilds, Factions, Clans, etc. » Go to message
So on chat I've heard a lot of people being upset about a lot of things: one thing being the retention of higher ranking veteran players. Veterans don't really get the recognition they deserve as tourneys have lost their luster and nobody pays much attention to them. Heck, idk who Konoho or Soli are.

New player retention is also low because sometimes they don't integrate well with the community of veterans.

I suggest the introduction of a grouping system (i.e. guilds, factions, clans, etc.). New players can join factions to get a "home" in Uniwar per se, and old players can help raise the new players. Factions can organize wars between each other, no need for Xavi to divert resources and attention to that, as heads of respective factions can organize wars. Winning wars can gain prestige for a faction, much like the rating of individual players.

Factions would have their own chat, and some other stuff I can't think of right now. Balancing factions could entail an average of all solo ratings or something. Our maybe no balancing at all. High rankers could agree to not make an unbalanced team. Factions would consist of like 5-15 players. It would bond the community together and give veteran players something to do (teach the new guys).

Older and more veteran players will get recognition by leading their faction, as newer players will look up to them. It would add a new dynamic to the game rather than just the in-game mechanics of each unit. Veterans will have to learn to direct, lead, and coordinate their faction.

Anyway, maybe it's a silly suggestion that requires way too much coding, but I think it would be a great way to bring the community closer and more involved.
Tournaments » !200 unicoins!!! Medieval Battle Simulator !!!200 unicoins! » Go to message
900 score! No casualties, 11 rounds. Replay sent Angkor

The only way I see a higher score is if u bring two marauders around initially on each side to speed up process of killing hydronauts. Would make surviving the intial wave of guardians much harder.
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
I will sign up to be a Merc! 100 uc. Totally down if anyone wants to hire me, sounds super fun

I would say I'm a fairly decent player. Sap main, especially good in SvT matchup
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Ticket 5! Funny description too, lol
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Ticket 3
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