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Messages posted by: hiraku
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i use free old version genymotion, download from 3 years ago.....
but, is this link trial too? link : https://www.genymotion.com/fun-zone/

and when i install apk on chrome first, app never worked. then i "checked" developer mode on... sometimes still get broken puzzle but i close then open again until broken puzzle not showing up. after that app work stable until you close it/exit. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/arc-welder/emfinbmielocnlhgmfkkmkngdoccbadn?utm_source=chrome-ntp-launcher [looks like is same]
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  wookieontheweb wrote:There is also a Random Number Generator for every attack. It's a fairly complex formula but roughly gives you a range of +/-2 in a normal distribution for each attack. So you might get +2 for the first attack, then the second attack might get -1 even though it got a gang up bonus because the RNG gave you a -2. i.e. (approx) damage = attack + gangup + RNG

There are some online sites and apps that help you work it all out.

hmm, so image at first post is not accurate?
what is app that help for that? [official?]
Bug Reports » Force close when try to view map on "join game" menu » Go to message
Already solved in the latest version
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i update to the last apps version for android but why every i try view map on "join game" section always get forced closed?
no notification, warn etc.... just closed without trace

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Let me try it too.. ..
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