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General Discussion » Sapiens Unit composition vs Khraleans » Go to message
I agree S vs K matches had become really frustrating. Specially after recent buffs to wyrm. The marine, marauder and helicopter composition is easily defeated by salamander, swarmer, garuda, wyrms and buried underlings.
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Well first of all unless the map is 4 by 4 you can't attack before turn 4 otherwise you are sending your units to their dead without being cost effective. The strategy I keep encountering and losing is mass underling, salamander and swarmer. Kralengs can be very cost effective that way. If you get a helicopter they just get a garuda. If you mass marouder they just get a pinzer. If you mass marines then they mass underlings and buried them so that you cant really push. The game goes like that untill they get wyrms. So at this point is let game. Both players have.big armies with the difference that one salamander can plague half of your army and pretty much is over at that point because you can't heal because you don't have the time. I will post examples of what I am talking about in order to provide evidence of what I am talking about.
The buffs to kralengs help them against titans but makes them overpower against sapiens. So to counter this I proposed a change that will improve the S vs K match but will not affect S vs T or T vs K.
General Discussion » Buried underlings op » Go to message
Map layout plays an important role I agree on that. However with resent changs S vs K match became almost impossible to win for Sapiens. The reason I feel is that kraleans make mass underlings, air units. Use wyrms to snipe helicopters and salamanders to spread plague on sapiens army at a relatively cheap cost. Even you could attack with marauder it is not cost effective because of buried underlings. The solutions I proposed will help sapiens counter this strategy. So far I have not encounter any solution in any map layout. If you have then I would appreciate the feedback. But don't just say change map layouts.
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Miss guess is that you did not play against a mass buried underling with range combo and plague before. Stepping on them just buy more time for more underlings to be made. The fact that they have the extra damage when they resurface makes your infantry units too weak as a protection against it. Air units are not cost effective and can be easily snipe by wyrms and swamers. The latest patch that gave wyrms avility to move before and after attack made it just too powerful against sapiens.
Pinzers and buried underlings are a good protection against marauder agresión. You should try it.
Khraleans » When is a salamander effective? » Go to message
One year after the post started and the salamander is still an easy and cheap game changer in K vs S specially when you combined with buried underlings.
General Discussion » Buried underlings op » Go to message
Yea you bring a good point. Map layout plays an important role in game balance. But I still feel that with the new updates and units kralengs have got a really good combination of attacks that can prevent Sapiens agresión without much to lose while giving them the chance to counter in a really strong way. For example for only 200 minerals they can bring chaos to sapiens armies with plague then snipe retreating army with buried underlings that were left there at the beginning of the game. So I feel that two potential solutions to the problem that will not be affected by map layouts.
One: Buried underlings lose 1 life point for every turn they remaind buried. That means that for every turn they move while buried they will lose one life point. This will prevent players abusing map layouta and size. What I see often in big or congested maps is players make bunch of underlings earlier and then slowly move them down the map.
Two: Give sapiens an avility to either attack or unburied underlings. maybe give this ability to the engineer in this way players would be more cautious when sending buried underlings to the back of enemy defenses.
I think that either of this options will make the K vs S match more interesting and challenging for both races. Not more easy wins by getting lucky snipes by a bunch of buried underlings.
This are my thoughts what you guys think?
General Discussion » Buried underlings op » Go to message
After latest game changes I feel the underling, swarmer and wyrm combo is really strong against sapiens. I have encounter this combo in more than one occasion and had a very hard time dealing with it.
Any sugestions?
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