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Messages posted by: Phil Scadden
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General Discussion » The revised campaign on Hard » Go to message
I hadnt played Uniwar for a while and then came back to find a heavily revised campaign. I think this is excellent and so far (a bit over half way through) on hard it has proved to have some very nice challenges. Great work. AI is still pretty dumb (fortunately on some maps), but the maps and challenges are a big improvement.
Khraleans » Khral v Khral solo play hard level » Go to message
"Chato hill is not impossible on hard. For any race combo." I would love to know you strategy for titans to win against K on chato hill. T versus anything is very tough on hard but I find TvK often impossible.
General Discussion » Do titans have it tough in Offline/Solo set to Hard? » Go to message
I have been trying the Solo maps with the Hard setting - and it is well named. On Dead Monk, it took me a long time to figure out how to beat Khrals as Saps. (a 44 round epic), but I really struggle to win with Titans, especially on small maps. I have survived for 40 rounds on Dead Monk against Saps but it felt like cheating because I was teleporting weakest mecha at battery knowing AI would go for it. And in the end I died. Any hints on a successful strategy for Titans on Hard? I havent figured out to beat Khrals in Marshes either (especially as they deploy boppers against plasma). Actually defeating Khrals on Hard is tough on most maps whether Titans or Saps. Yeah for Green Valley - the only one I have tried so far where Titans can win easily.
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