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I think the first rating pool of maps can be created by choosing of top players. For example, every of best 10 from rating ladder and 10 best championship's ladder players offer some number (from 3 to 5) of his favourite and the most balanced from his point of viev map. Then the balance team decides what size of pool is usefull (the first approximation): 100, 150 or 200. And then there is a rotation, which will be going by automatically process every 1/2/3/6 month. The principle of rotation will based on counting votes of players. For this rating will be very usefull "- only make the last 200 votes count (will be done gradually as soon as the map gets a new vote)".
About "Regarding how maps get into the rated pool... ": it is difficult quastion, but at first time it possible to leave it like it happens right now: the player creates a map, then he plays on it several games, then voting and then several number of best unrating maps get in rating pool after moderating.
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I hope that the game development team is not a secret that the univar is currently drowning in an insane amount of maps of bad quality (defective maps from bad creators who spend 2-3 minutes of their lives and “dig up hexes from bald ones” (it is hard to translate from russian), and then players waste time on these maps).
I don’t in any way want to destroy the “creative things” of the main masses of mapmakers, but I am firmly convinced that the game just needs a FILTER OF THE MAPS for a normal fair and interesting rating game.»
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Here I will publish (translation by Google and sometimes me) a letter I sent to Pashakа several months ago.
«My experience in the game is 1.5 years ... I want to offer some things:
At the moment I have no idea how you can achieve the perfect balance by changing the characteristics of the units. (Twisted in one place - got out in another). So I have a few proposals that are organizational in nature, and, in my opinion, will be able to make the UniWar better.
At first, where it is very necessary to restore order - it is the MAPS.
First of all, as Pashak has already voiced, you need to change the map rating system: like / dislike only after a person has played on this map (and at least 15 rounds); if the player has won and wants to “like” the map, then his voices (I think the current system of voice value of players with a different rating is more or less fair) is counted with a factor of 0.5, if he wants to “dislike” map, then with a coefficient of 1; if the person lost, then the “dislike” is 0.5, and the “likes” are 1.
Further, it would be very convenient if you look at the map and after clicking on the number of likes / dislikes a table 3 * 3 pops up with details on match-ups: sap-sap, sap-khral, etc.
Now GLOBAL IDEA. I have two options, the first is less radical, but not so interesting, the second is more complicated, but the effect from it may be the best:
1) introduce a new category of "TOURNAMENT" maps, they will not fall into the rating games. There are maps in which one of the players (one of the races in a pair) has a significant advantage and therefore should not be allowed for individual random games on the rating. However, the maps themselves are very interesting, when you play two matches at the same time (tournament format with mirror battles), they like (after tournaments), they become rating ones, then they do not agree, etc. (For example, in my profile there are maps). Therefore, for such maps, you must enter a separate category TOURNAMENT MAPS".
2) create a pool of the best maps for rating games (like, for example, in starcraft). Add to it the most honest and balanced maps, pieces of 50, for example, (although the number can be from 30 to 100). And all the individual games on the rating of conduct ONLY ON THEM. Then every month to rotate, the worst (estimated for the last month / six months) to remove, and instead of them to take non-rated with a large number of likes.
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