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Tournaments » Double Impact Team Tournament - organized by StylePro » Go to message
If anyone is looking for a teammate, then let me know.
Bug Reports » Solo Play on Hard Difficulty » Go to message
For a change of pace, I'll play the AI on Solo with the Hard difficulty setting. I've noticed that it seems to get more credits as the difficulty increases. Is this true? Because even with the higher starting credits of the second player, the AI appears to spend more credits than it should have. For example, here's what I see when playing Sapiens (me) vs. Khraleans (AI) on the Jungle board:

Starting Credits - P1 = 400, P2 = 500 (from Play Vs.)
Credits/Base - 100
Credits/Turn - 100

Khraleans (AI) - Hard Difficulty
Turn 1 - Capture base. Build Swarmer. Credits 500-250=250
Turn 2 - Build two Underlings. Credits 250+200=450, 450-200=250
Turn 3 - Build two Swarmers. Credits 250+200=450, 450-500=-50

When I play this on Normal, the AI only builds one swarmer on Turn 3.

Maybe I just play the game too much
What's New in the Latest Updates » Update to v1.0.3 requested (please read) » Go to message
I just updated to version 1.0.3, but now the game isn't loading at all. Anyone else having this issue?
New Feature Request » Give Plasma Tanks +2 regeneration, and maybe eclipses too » Go to message
Plasma Tanks would be almost invincible with +2 healing similar to the Helicopters before they were nerfed. PTs have the best defense of any unit (I think) and they can attack air units unlike the Pinzer or Sapien tanks. Stick a couple in a pinch point with nearby Assimilator(s), and you can go all day. Use their defense to your advantage.
General Discussion » Offering Peace? » Go to message
I think that everyone in the game needs to accept it. If one person in the whole game rejects peace, then the game continues. I'm playing a game right now where one person on a team offered peace and I accepted it, but their teammate rejected it. The battles rages on...
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Home Page » Go to message
Minor issue - on the UniWar home page, it's a bit difficult to read the grey text on the grey background.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.3 iPhone » Go to message
  Gargoyle wrote:
I'm not sure I like this idea. The issue is not whether all races are available; the issue is that the host can choose a race and lock all other players out of it. I think that I would prefer that, in a rated game, the host is restricted to the same races that the other opponents are. This would still maintain the balance.

I agree with Gargoyle on this one. As long as the other opponents have access to the same races as the host, this should keep the playing field level. Also, it is fun to have a Titans only, etc. "civil war" battle where everyone is restricted to the same race, and I don't see why that couldn't be rated since there wouldn't be any unbalancing issues.

my 2 cents
Bug Reports » No Victory Team Glitch » Go to message
We found a glitch yesterday when playing a team match. I was the last player alive on the losing team, and a removed player on the winning team had my last base capped with a flying unit. That team couldn't capture that base because they couldn't move/kill their own (removed) team member. So, it seemed like my last base would have gone uncaptured indefinitely if I hadn't surrendered (we were thoroughly defeated before that).
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.3 iPhone » Go to message
Sounds like this update will reduce/eliminate the number of players spamming "unwinnable" rated games. Going through pages of Montevideo, Land Bridge, and Crossroads can be fun when looking for a game to join
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
One tactic I've tried is to sacrifice an Infector early to deliver the plague to the Sapiens. Smaller maps seem better suited to do this because it's harder for the other player to keep the plagued unit isolated. If you're lucky, the plague will spread thru their army quickly. It's a risky move, but I like to try it every once in a while.
Guides & Tips » How to beat Mission 7 » Go to message
I beat this mission by initially sending out a couple of Marauders to harass the Khraleans, then retreating back to my bases. Similar to the Helicopter strategy.
New Feature Request » Lopsided Game Option » Go to message
I think it would be interesting if you could have an option to play 1 vs. 2, etc. The single player could start with a certain amount of credit/bases, while the team players would have that amount split between them. Thoughts?
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.3 iPhone » Go to message
Sounds like a great update! Looking forward having all races available for Rated Games. Although, I do like to try to beat the Titans on Land Bridge
General Discussion » Glad the forums are up » Go to message
I picked up UniWar the weekend it was released, and I kept checking this site since then. Great game guys!
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