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in a time so far back even the oldest engineers only know of it as legend. it is said that the Robot was the slave to the human and that Titans were a creation of man. If that is really true or not it counts for little. For today, humans bend at the knee for their robotic masters and serve their bidding across the breadth of the universe. Forced to fight and conquer planets in order to secure survival, rank and privilege for their families and communities, constantly under threat of complete extermination. But perhaps there is hope. A new foe; a giant insectoid race, smart and aggressive they seem capable of fighting anyone and everyone. Despite conflicts among the many clans of hives they have also manage to inflict some stinging defeats on the Titans. Some Saipan societies see this as the opportunity that they have long awaited for and have triggered their carefully planned rebellion. Rising up against the Titians and even re-programming vast numbers of Titian forces. The galaxy is ripped asunder as the cold might of the imperial Titans descends to crush all opposition added by Saipan slaves and opportunistic khralean Clans fighting against rebelling humans, re-programmed titans and those khraleans that choose to bow before no-one.
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Awesome idea. Keen to join the war.
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