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General Discussion » 800UC - Asymmetric Map Challenge » Go to message
  wookieontheweb wrote:Small note. My latest map was "metropolis contest". v3 was the previous version. Visually though they are very similar.

Also am i missing something or is bakes map "enter and win!" completely symmetrical?

Yes, it is. He can score a max of 70 because of it.
General Discussion » 800UC - Asymmetric Map Challenge » Go to message
Gallery linked below - noted that Toxa/Toxa15 appear to be same person as both entries came from one account.


Good luck everyone!
General Discussion » Tank Buster Unit Assessment Request » Go to message
I think it has made tanks more situational. I don't think balancing of this sort is necessary, and certainly not the reduction of boppers from 5 to 3, unless you're going to give them some range changes rather than 3-3 only. Their power is balanced by their high vulnerability to close attacks or even range 2 attacks. I also don't see the reason for reducing borfly air damage, as this is one of the things that has allowed khralean to compete against helicopters.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.97 with REWARDED AD to build any unit & full turn undo » Go to message

I have watched somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 ads. It appears that when an ad plays from a new source (or different ad for same app), a new "Watch Ad" button appears in the Bank. I currently have 51 "Watch Ad" buttons. It also appears that every time you enter and exit the Bank it ads a new button. I'll test further to confirm it isn't just re-entries causing the buttons.

*edit* Further testing shows my initial thoughts were wrong, it only occurs on entry and exit from the Bank. I also found that once you hit a certain number of buttons, none work any longer. Restarting the app clears the buttons to one and then they start accumulating again.
New Feature Request » MAP selection » Go to message
I think the map ranking and voting system should be revamped first.
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
  lodeous wrote:If you are running out of archive space let me know and I will record the replay so you can delete it.

You can record the two replays I have, I'm out of archive apace currently.
General Discussion » Khralafia 2.0 signup sheet » Go to message
holy complex Batman.

I'm in.
New Feature Request » Changing unit pricing structure » Go to message
mantisse is quite strong for its price versus other amphibious units. Price doesn't need to be decreased, unless it loses movement like the fuze did so it can't cap from 3 spaces away.
General Discussion » ~EnnuiGoblin GOBBLY GOBBLES REPORT~ I'm baaack! LIVESTREAM! » Go to message
Real life tears its ugly head... or "rears"?
General Discussion » Thoughts on Map Voting System (Lengthy, Verbose Comments) » Go to message

Been discussed at length here some too.

With a 24- hour delay on voting, you'd need to make sure people don't accidentally delete games. I think there should be no vote delay, and instead of offering a reward, just make voting mandatory, and haven losing player upvotes and winning player downvotes count double. This ensures that if both players vote against each other, assuming they same rank, the vote count stays static, but if the player who would normally vote based on the outcome goes against the norm, the map is rewarded or removed based on real play feedback.

Limiting votes to only played games beyond 7 rounds will hopefully remove the random public voting that seems to take place, and it will allow map makers to freely post maps to public chat for testing along users.
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
I agree. Should be map is known, but neither team knows what race the other is picking for the map. Picks are made by captains, submitted to controller, and locked in. Then game is created and teams must adhere to the races pre-selected (ie, no changing pick because other team picked a certain race). This prevents counter-picking (for example, picking khralean because other team picked sapiens). This should also be true for the main/ mid/final battles, blind race selection, but map is known.
General Discussion » Changes to support system » Go to message
  xavi wrote:Thank you everyone for your contribution. I plan to change the way support works soon. I will explain it here. Anyone interested to contribute can comment here.

I'd be interested in helping out, what sort of system is planned?
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
Redacted, picked up by scouts team
New Feature Request » Map ranking system revamp » Go to message
1. Make voting mandatory after every RANKED play lasting longer than 7 rounds.

2. Losing player upvotes and winning player downvotes are worth double (meaning bad maps get voted out, good maps stay in)

3. Reset vote counts across the board to clear out old maps with old voting system votes that have become imbalanced with new units, or that are truly just poorly designed and can't be removed via the current voting system.

Seems like common sense ideas to me.
Sapiens » Can a reprogrammed mecha be reprogrammed again. » Go to message
But they are, of course, susceptible to EMP, so keep that in mind when clearing them.
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