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General Discussion » Can't log into the game? » Go to message
When i try to log into the game, it just says "General System Error". I tried restarting and redownloading the game. I have like 15 games running and I might lose a lot by just being skipped...
Bug Reports » Start credits bug » Go to message
This is not a bug. Let's say, that in that map you earn 300 credits a turn. You start with 500.
Your first turn: 500 credits - spent on 2 Marauders. This means he has 800, enough for 2 Garudas (Dragons)
Your opponent's turn: 500 credits + 300 for credits on his turn.
Next turn from now on, you have what you had left over from last round + what you get from the next turn bonus (Usually 300 - 400)
This is why map makes make it so that you have to capture some bases at the beginning of the turn - this is so that the 2nd player doesn't get a huge 2nd turn advantage.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.98 UNDERWATER units for pre-purchase » Go to message
Thanks a lot Xavi! Although I am an Apple user, I am still looking forward to playing around with these new units and seeing how they develop into the meta and make their way into the top player’s games.
General Discussion » About units balance: CHN Zero give some advice » Go to message
Ok, I'm going to reply to all your points in order.

1) Yes, I agree, salamander is a tad bit too powerful. However, this doesn't mean that it is overpowered. I would suggest a nerf of defence by 1, and it should be fine as it is.

2) Boppers are fine as they are. Yes, they can move after attack and deal 5-6 damage against a speeder or marauder, but once you attack one of the marauders the bopper becomes hard to defend. Besides, the bopper is very situational, and I would go for a marauder 95% of the time.

3) I believe that guardians actually need a buff, not a nerf. As of right now, guardians are barely used. They can't repair, they don't deal that impressive damage and have quite low range and defence. I think that buffing guardian's defence by 1 would be a nice idea. Keep the damage, that's the guardians main role.

4) Borfly is overpowered, I agree. You mentioned that it does 4-5 damage to a plasma, but you have to realize that the Borfly is used primarily for area control. Your tank shouldn't be getting hit by a borfly often, if not at all. Moving on, the reason borfly is overpowered is that it is basically a swarmer (they trade evenly). This makes K v K matches often have lots of borfly spam. The borfly also deals 3-4 damage against a garuda and has 2-3 range. I think that it's armor penetration values should be decreased, specifically aerial - down to 40%. Otherwise, it fine as it is.

5) Mecha is an amazing unit. If t is on a mountain, it gets the same defence as the helicopter. Besides, you mentioned that Titan strategy is just to get a plasma tank and a walker, but really, the titan's main force is the speeder... That's the unit you should be spamming along with the mecha. The mecha doesn't need a buff. The slow speed is supposed to be the main drawback of the titans. The mecha makes up for its speed with armour and extra damage against aerial. Besides, the mecha has the teleport ability, which is extremely useful.

6) I agree that it can be hard for Sap to win vs Titans in a long range map, but I think helicopter is good enough as it is. The helicopter is supposed to be an amazing anti-light ground unit, it is not supposed to fight tanks. However, I still believe that something should be done to prevent titans from simply building up on long range maps.

Guides & Tips » Boarfly: how to defend against it? » Go to message
  Dalryk wrote:
  wargasm wrote:titans are the best race to be able to deal with them

UNLESS there's water involved. And the Borfly is sitting 3 squares off the coast. Then there's nothing the Titans can do about it, except send Mantisse after them to get killed by Swarmers.

If that's the case, just ignore it, and move your units away from the 2-3 land tiles it will be controlling. I mean you could potentially go for a mantisse, but what's the point? I'd rather support land with a speeder rather than fight a borfly who isn't doing much. Remember, borfly is just for area control, you shouldn't be getting hit by it often.
General Discussion » Fuze » Go to message
Hey guys, so at first, I thought that fuze was horribly underpowered for the 200 credits it costs. That opinion was formed a day or two after I got the unit. Now, after playing it for about 2 weeks, I found out how to use it correctly. The fuze is an excellent anti GL unit, which can offer great support and a valuable gang up to your marines protecting it in the front. The fuze is also great for controlling area. If this thing gets in a swamp, it is just a tad bit worse than a marauder, except for 50 less. Guys, really fuze is excellent. However, it certainly needs a buff in attack against aerial, its current attack of 1 just can't cut it. This means that the fuze does 1 or sometimes even 0 damage against a Garuda, that is just unacceptable.
General Discussion » Fuze » Go to message
Hey guys, here just to pitch in my ideas
I completely agree with LkASr, I want the fuze to be an anti-infantry troop. The fuze should be a unit that you should be spawning when there are lots of marines/mechas/underlings on mountains and forests. For example, you damage a marine on a mountain with your fuze, then back up with your own marine and secure the kill. As of right now, you can do that decently effectively, but really, I would rather use a marauder and damage the marine and then jump back, and then secure the kill with my marine. The fuze just has way too little defence. In my opinion, it should be buffed - +1 defence, +1 vs Ground Light and +1 vs Aerial.
Bug Reports » Can't build new units after watching ad (on iOS) » Go to message
Yes, this is a problem on all iOS devices as of right now. Xavi told me he is planning to fix it by Monday (tomorrow), at least thats what I inferred from the message he sent me. It is quite annoying, I understand, as people who you are currently battling against might be able to use the units you don't have, but sit tight and the problem should be resolved.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.97 with REWARDED AD to build any unit & full turn undo » Go to message
Thanks of the update, but every time I watch an ad for coins, undo turns or to spawn a unit I don't have, nothing happens. I checked my purchase history, and nothing is there. I am using an iPhone SE, with the latest update of Uniwar.
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