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New Feature Request » Submarines units for Khral and Titans » Go to message
Well, we're missing the costs here, skimmer are almost "water plasma tanks" when Kraken are same price as garuda. And yet, Kraken resists much better to attacks from basically anything. Titans in general have advantage only with great credit income. Otherwise, krhals always win with larger numbers.
New Feature Request » Unit's color customization » Go to message
Well, i got somewhat tired of these old presets (even the "premium" ones) and was wondering about if we had the possibility to customize primary and secondary colors (and of course, getting a bigger pallette).
I think it would give some more personality to our units since we'd have lots of possible combinations. eg: Dark titan with red leds, green khral with black details, etc..

This feature would also reduce color conflicts/priorities

I'm not a very good programmer but i think it's very easy to do and wouldn't need much work. So, what do you guys think about it? I'd pay lots of unicoins for something like that
New Feature Request » New Marine Ability Idea: Transport » Go to message
the big deal on titans is the teleport ability, since we have bad move (yes i'm a titan), once u boots saps and/or khrals to have even more advantage in this scenario, we'll perish from the game
New Feature Request » New Race Idea: Pyreans, Masters of Land and Air » Go to message
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