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New Feature Request » Two New Ideas » Go to message
if you look deep enough into 1 and 2 you realize that it is just simplifying the game, rather than improving it. for 1, it takes away a unique dynamic between races, and for 2 it is just simplifying team games, when really we would rather keep them difficult.

for 3 this is a problem that cant be solved because part of the game is mapmaking. i would however say that people vastly (VASTLY) overestimate the amount of times the map makes them lose. generally the better player moves on up.

Wookie was close. for upvotes/downvotes that correspond to wins/losses, we /1.5 i think (or maybe just divide by 2). if you vote against the outcome (lose/upvote or win/downvote) you get 1.5x votes.

votes increase with rank, max being 10 for 2500+. my upvote on a map i lose is 10*1.5= 15, and down vote i think is 10/2=5. not 100% sure yet on the /2 modifier, but i have tested the other.
General Discussion » Any New Units » Go to message
Yeah new units are on hold. the game is already very complicated (just check the unit info page... and imagine you are a new player).

the two units that xavi considered were area of effect and terrain modifier, the others were subs, amphibians and tankbusters, all of which are already made.
New Feature Request » Order of battle within team » Go to message
Great idea! I will share this with the game devs.
New Feature Request » Flying unit height » Go to message
All great ideas! Unfortunately there's really no reason to implement them. for veteran players it would be a fresh idea to play with, but it would confound a game that is already difficult to learn for new players.
New Feature Request » Same race match up » Go to message
This would be valuable but its low priority for devs. ill bring it up again.
New Feature Request » Revenge games sides control » Go to message
This is not an option. revenge games must be mirrors for balance.
General Discussion » How can a player have a high win/loss but not a high score » Go to message
if you start 200 ranked games day 1 at 1500, all your games will be vs 15000 players. after you beat the first 100 youll be like 1900 but then each win will give you like +2 score instead of +15
General Discussion » Infinite Undo - no longer available for purchase? » Go to message
If you get every update for free then what would incentivise the devs to make new features for you? They deserve compensation somehow. All games have DLC or stop production entirely.
General Discussion » Are we about to lose all our maps? » Go to message
Every era. of every game ever has had people saying the game is dying. unless you have numbers for daily active users it just sounds like fear mongering.

We need a system that works automatically because we cant vet every single map, and it also has to not incentivise people from gaming the system and voting in bad maps for coins etc.
General Discussion » System error bless you » Go to message
General Discussion » Are we about to lose all our maps? » Go to message
It's hard to say exactly what is the best way for this to work. the real problem is that people dont vote after their games. However, if we try to incentivise voting, it ONLY incentivizes a vote, not a GOOD vote.

General Discussion » The revised campaign on Hard » Go to message
Thank you for the kind words! I will make sure the game devs see your comment
General Discussion » Map system » Go to message
Hello! Thank you for your well thought out post.

If anything I say is confusing, or doesn't translate to russian very well, please ask me to say it a different way.

We have considered a number of ideas with respect to the map pool, and its an ongoing process. The porblem with having a select few people choose what maps go into the ranked pool is: 1. Who is on that team? 2. maybe a lot of players will disagree with the map choices. 3. mapmakers will feel they have no agency in getting their maps ranked. 4. that is too much work for humans to do manually, the goal is to create an automated system that does the work for us, but automated systems can always be abused.

I agree that maybe a minimum of 15 rounds to vote should be added, but players could still just end their turn 15x without playing a move, then draw and then vote. it's hard to stop people from breaking the system.

As a side note, I am not a fan of horribly unbalanced maps used in tournaments. I like the opportunity to win both games... playing games that are inevitable losses are not fun for me.
General Discussion » Is uniwar dead? » Go to message
yes, most people dont see it, but he posts a new apk basically once a week. hes been doing a lot.

Wookie, it only seems that way. everything spooky has done so far has been about fixing bugs that existed for a decade, and adding features that have been needed for years, like custom tournaments. Nothing they have done has been related to monetization at all.
General Discussion » Are we about to lose all our maps? » Go to message
I've passed a link to this post onto the other mods, we will see what they think. Good investigative journalism, friend!
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