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Messages posted by: Ricix
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New Feature Request » Stats » Go to message
It passed 7 years and I can't see more stat. I think it would be a great function. Baybe Spooky House will do it.
General Discussion » UniWar gets acquired by Spooky House Studios » Go to message
I would be happy if we get more game statistic.
Example: when I play on a map it would be great if I could see that how many times I had played on it before, or how many times I had played with that player. Statistics by species ...etc
Frequently Asked Questions » More statistics? » Go to message
It would be great to have more statistics in game. Example I how many times played in a map, or how many times played with another player. Win rate by species ...etc. Are there any chance of it will be sometime?
New Feature Request » Guilds, Factions, Clans, etc. » Go to message
It is a great idea! I'm a Hungarian. There are about 30-35 active Hungarian people, and I would be happy to have a community where we can be together and can chat about the uniwar.
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