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General Discussion » Gang Up Bonus explanation needed. » Go to message
Ok, so perhaps I'm not the only one confused because it seems there is conflicting info our there. Let me explain again.

In my picture, I'm red and attacking blue. The top three pictures we'll call 1-1, 1-2, 1-3. These are one possible attack, we will call this attack #1.
The bottom three pictures we'll call 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, and this series will be called attack #2.
In this example, I am attacking with the same units, and hitting the same blue Speeder in both attack #1 and attack #2.
In picture 1-1 and 1-2 it is the same 10-hp speeder hitting, in 1-2 and 2-2, it is the same 6-hp speeder, in 1-3 and 2-3 it is the same mecha. Each of these are hitting the same blue speeder.
The link provided to explain Gangup bonus shows that hits from the same place are +1 (yellow), so why do people say that they are +2 (orange)? Can someone prove this?
Gangup Bonus Explained: http://forum.uniwar.com/posts/list/1250.page
Attack #1 my red 10 speeder hits position 2, then my 6 speeder hits position 5 which is an opposite side attack and should get a +3 bonus for gangup.
Attack #2 my red 10 speeder hits position 4, then my 6 speeder hits position 4 which is same position attack so per the guide it should get +1 bonus.
These two attacks deal the same damage.
I did a turn undo to replicate the same attack so both these attacks will have the same background series of numbers for the attacks. Since it's the same units in the same order, no change there.
Further to Ganup Bonus, in attack #1 the second hit is opposite the first hit so a +3 bonus would apply (red). With attack #2, both hits were on the same position, so it would be a +1 attack (yellow), yet they are the same amount.
The third hit is by the Mecha on each of these attacks. In attack #2, which is the third hit to the same location, it will deal 3 damage instead of the 2 damage on attack #1.
I redid this turn multiple times and obtained the same results each time so I know these numbers can be reproduced.
For those of you who say hitting the same place twice is +2 and not +1, then in attack #2 the second hit by the speeder should have had +2 but it still hits the same as attack #1
If hitting the same place is +2 and deals more damage, then why does hitting the opposite side for +3 NOT deal more damage?
General Discussion » Gang Up Bonus explanation needed. » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:Karmiga-

I don't think what you're describing is an effect of the gangup bonus.

I think what you're looking for is here:

This much I understood, and usually try to find the best possible order for my attacks to maximize my damage or to get the right unit hitting at the right time to destroy the defender. If you have not seen the image, please click the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0ewn5c1L5EOS1UxdFVIbThJZms Top row vs bottom row.

What happens in my examples, if you notice it's the same units hitting in the same order against the same target, is that the side of the hit is the variable that appears to be causing the change in outcome. I have done it with a marauder too! It's first hit in position #1 will do 4 damage. The second hit will do either 4 damage if I hit position #1 a second time, or 3 damage if I hit any of the four reachable sides (2, 3, 5, or 6).
General Discussion » Gang Up Bonus explanation needed. » Go to message
  Redfog wrote:First: gangup is not cumulative but only counts for the next attack.
Second: I cannot recall where I have this information from but I've seen it and, more importantly, it seems to work exactly like that in the game.

I agree, it does appear to be that way in the game, which is why I'm confused that the larger attack bonuses are doing less damage that the small attack bonuses. Further to your point, hitting the same spot seems to be a high bonus than attacking beside that spot next to where you hit last. So if the gameplay doesn't match the intended design, would this be a glitch?
General Discussion » Gang Up Bonus explanation needed. » Go to message
  LkASr wrote:go to this page, it should give you all you need in gangup mechanics


Yes, I have seen that and reviewed it which is why I'm either confused or missing something. In my example, I should have been gaining more attack by not hitting the same spot repeatedly as this only gives +1. Instead I should have been gaining the +2 and +3 for hitting around the target, therefore gaining a higher attack. As shown in my example though, and I replicated it again this morning, repeatedly hitting the same spot will give more damage then hitting around the target. This morning, hitting the same spot with two speeders, both 10, offered 3-damage then 4-damage. By hitting opposite sides (+3 bonus), it offered 3-damage and 3-damage.

So what is the point of the +2 and +3 attack bonus if not to deal more damage? If the bonus is cumulative, 3 units hitting the same spot will offer a +2 attack bonus (1st hit, +1, +1), while the other attack in the example would have a +5 attack bonus (1st hit, +3, +2).

  Redfog wrote:Hitting the same space will give a gangup bonus of +2 same as if you would attack 2 tiles further around the target.

Where are you getting this information from? From what I've seen, the 2nd attack on the same space will offer a +1 attack bonus. If they are cumulative, then the 3rd attack will offer a +2 on the same space. Check the link above.
General Discussion » Gang Up Bonus explanation needed. » Go to message
I thought I understood Gang up bonus, however I feel there is something I'm missing. Basically hitting range as a first hit, followed by a hit at point 1 would give a +1 attack, if you hit next to where you hit last it's +1 attack, if you hit 2 spaces away it's a +2 attack, and if you hit opposite side it's a +3 attack. If, however, you continue to hit the same space, you do not get bonuses to attack. (I'll put the official wording below.)

So I'm playing Titan vs Titan battle. My target is a Speeder (8 hp). I did many variations on this attack and it puzzled me because it was never different. I tried various orders and troops, however these two stick out because they are exact opposite attacks but the result is effectively backwards

1) Gangup all-the-way: My Speeder 10 hits at point 2 for 3-damage, a second Speeder hits at point 5 for 3-damage, and a Mecha 10 hits at point 4 for 2-damage. Total damage = 8 to him, 5 to me. (top row of picture)
2) Attack same point: My Speeder 10 hits at point 4 for 3-damage, a second Speeder hits at point 4 for 3-damage, and a Mecha 10 hits at point 4 for 3-damage. Total damage = 9 to him, 5 to me. (bottom row of picture)

As I said, I tried to switch this up and the strongest attack was always when all three hit the same place. Each attack was done by a stronger unit, and the Gang up Bonus appears to do nothing. I even did an attack killing my Guardian on the mountain as an initial hit and the points didn't change. I noticed this on some other battles too, that a straight attack will produce better damage. Can someone please explain to me what I'm missing here? Why does the gang up-style attack deal less damage?


* Gang Up Bonus: Attack the same enemy twice or more during the same turn to gain an attack bonus. This gang up bonus varies depending on the location of the first attacking unit and the following attacking units. To gain a +1 bonus, have an attacker next to the first attacker or have one of your attackers fight long range. For a +2 bonus, have the second attacker further around the enemy unit. To gain a +3 bonus, have the next attacker behind the enemy unit on the opposite side of the first attacker.
Bug Reports » Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins » Go to message
- Game version: 1.10.5
- Device model: Samsung S7
- Device OS: Android via Google Playstore
- Steps to reproduce: Description of Unit Types states "There are four unit types: Light Ground, Heavy Ground, Aerial and Aquatic." This displays on the Amphibian units too!! Should be updated with the new units underwater (?) too when they come out too!
General Discussion » Skipping players in tournaments » Go to message
Hello everyone!!

I wanted to ask what your thoughts were on skipping players turns in a tournament (not casual or ranked play). I'm in the 2 v 2 now, and one team had a player who had not signed in for over 5-days. I don't have a problem sending a message, then skipping the turn.

What I want to ask, what are your expectations on allowing someone to play and how long would you wait? We know it's a 12 hour clock on turns, and it's longer because others are taking their time with their turns too. So if a player was last on 5 hours ago and their clock ran out, did they just neglect to play their turn? If they haven't been online for 24 hours, would you skip their turn? How about 18 hours? Is there a pseudo-etiquette regarding good / bad form regarding turns during tournament play?

I don't want to be a jerk and skip a turn at 12:01 for the advantage it will give me, but at the same time I'm not going to negate my turn because you message me that you forgot to build your units. It's part of the game, if you miss something .... suck it up! Made a bad move, we've all done that and possibly will again. So how long is fair to wait during tournament play?

I have never skipped a turn in ranked play, and have sent messages to players that their turn has expired and still waited for them. Hey, we do still have real life to get in the way! Thanks in advance for your feedback!

P.S. - Love the game!
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.98 UNDERWATER units for pre-purchase » Go to message
Im on Android version 1.10.1 and purchased these a while ago. Still not on Solo, campaign, or custom games. @xavi is there an ETA on when the new units will be available?
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