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General Discussion » GAME SERVER MAINTENANCE » Go to message
We will need to stop game server for a few hours to migrate the project with all your games, Unicoins, replays and units purchased to another hosting site.
I think the best time for this would be ~5-8AM GMT, when there online players are at its minimum.
Bug Reports » About the inability to install Uniwar on Chinese-made mobile » Go to message

are we talking about Google Play market?

Is there also same problem if you try to install from Uniwar website?

General Discussion » 5 minutes Random Rated » Go to message
Hello, UniWarriors!

Ever wanted to play fast random rated games?
Now you can do it. In game chat type #TTL5 to request turn time limit change to 5 minutes/turn.
All other players must type the same message to accept the change.
Once all players accept - you will see the change after next End Turn.
You can only decrease current time, not increase.
You can choose any number for duration from 1 minute and up.
This feature works in any type of games.

#TTL3 - for 3 minutes time limit
#TTL10 - for 10 minutes limit
#TTL60 - for 1 hour limit
#TTL360 - for 6 hours
#TTL720 - for 12 hours
#TTL1440 - for 24 hours
Bug Reports » Random freezes in iOS 12 » Go to message
Hi! The issue has been found and fixed in game version 1.14.21. Sorry about that.

We are already doing a staged rollout and hope in the next few days you will be able to update.
General Discussion » h o s t i l e - e n v i r o m e n t » Go to message
That sounds fun! And very Uniwar-ish imo.
General Discussion » UniWar damage calculation » Go to message
Thanks FuzzyEukariotes for your interest and help analyzing the algorythm and for being eukariote, of course

Your last question made me think of it and even to check attacks for Veteran Speeder vs Engineer. However the thing works fine

Regarding 100 vs 101 numbers comarison:

The thing is that chance of success P (integer number from 0 to 100) is being compared on each dice roll to a random number R (from 0 to 99). This way if P is 100, then R<P is true every single dice roll. And if P is 0, then R<P is false every time. Also P is always a number %5 so chance for it to be 99 or 51.

How to make the uniwar.com website better » Broken JSP on submarine unit info » Go to message
Thanks for info! fixed this.
Bug Reports » Cannot login - "Invalid content recieved"-Error » Go to message
Sorry for the downtime! The service is now up and running!
General Discussion » UniWar gets acquired by Spooky House Studios » Go to message
  MasterYoda wrote:Hi, i was wondering if you will be a fixing alot of small things in uniwar, things that have been pending for quite a long time. For example (1) English flag option (2) updating unit descriptions,(there special attack range information and their movement after attack info) (3) being able to rename archived games (4) organization of friends lists (options like last logged in) (5) docks costing more mobility (for water units) (6) having art in chat for all the game tyles (like if i type mountain, a pic of mountain shows up in chat) (7) making search more user friendly ( making preferred race more sensitive (my profile says my preferred race is sapiens, i have not played sapiens in over a year)....... these are just some of the small easy fix suggestions that would make uniwar that much better

thanks for your suggestions! we will consider all of this list for future development of UniWar. We are now mainly focused on making easier new users onboarding and improving UI. btw. English flag is done - will be there in 1.12.8 version
Bug Reports » Subscribe to ios beta testing » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:I'm interested in beta testing. But I'm wondering if posting a UDID in a public forum is a good idea?

Special for you we have created an option - you can email all the info to support@spookyhousestudios.com
Bug Reports » Subscribe to ios beta testing » Go to message

If you want to try iOS beta version you can subscribe here.

What's needed - your Device Model and UDID.

pashaka - iPhone 6s - 123e735463222aad968f1a5415bcaa42c123ce28

(Where to get UDID: https://www.innerfence.com/howto/find-iphone-unique-device-identifier-udid ).
Also make sure you have your email validated in your UniWar account. There you will receive link to download beta version of the game.

Please don't spam here.
General Discussion » Spookyhouse devs Q and A » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:Question I've seen asked a lot and not answered:

What exactly will Xavi's role be moving forward? Will he be a consultant of sorts, or will he have an official role?

Xavi will have no official role. He will consult us as a person with a better view of the game's concept.
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