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Hello there UniWarriors, ive been searching this forum all over to find a topic where fellow UniWarriors can post theyre team recruitement preferences and ofcourse for new players ( like me ) to find a team that is good for him. Just to let you know i did saw the "Teams" topic in this section but from what i read in it there is just some general talk about team games, bugs, suggestions, etc. If u have to delete this topic then go ahead i apologize if i brake any forum rules, but please consider making a topic for recruitement
Thanks and may the tiles be in your favor.
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To the devs from Spooky House Games:

I hope you guys realise that this game is a gold mine if your thinking about profit that is. Please, please dont make it the same as every other strategic game in the market right now. Don`t make it all cartoon-flashy-HQ-1million options type of game. Please keep it simple on first look but complicated when played. You can change tons of stuff in it withouth destroying the quality and difficulty it allready has. For example you can make daily quests for unicoins, new campaing missions, make the AI more smarter, make more tournaments etc. I know that you guys know how to do your job, but my only advice to you is to spend money on making the game more popular and bring more people in instead of making it flashy and cartoony. I played clash of kings when the game was alot more simple in graphics and options but what it become now makes me dizzy everytime i think of starting to play it again. The fact that it has a million things in it and that i have to spend hours to understand what button is for what and what building and units are usefull or useless for forces me to just delete the game and dont bother anymore with it. Before it was easyer to understand what this game is all about but it was a challenge to develop a winning strategy and utilize the "simple at first look" units and buildings and this made me play it for months. Anyway thats my only request for you guys. I know you will do a good job, but if you want to make the game the best one there is consider the opinion of the veteran and most active players ( not that i`m a veteran but i love this game and i really want to see it become popular and perfectlly balanced )
Have a great day and keep up the good work.
General Discussion » Imbalanced Games! » Go to message
Hello, i`ve read the posts in this thread and i agree with some points and disagree with others. ( Oh and sorry for my bad english writing, we never had english classes in school )

So to the topic: i agree that its kinda annoying to watch thoose ads, but its not something you must do. What i mean is if you think you can win withouth using the new units you wouldnt need to watch the ads. I for example rarely use the new units unless they are really needed for me. If i decide to use a Guardian for example its ok to watch 1 ad and have this unit unlocked to build till the end of my turn and if i have like 5 bases and want to make 5 Guardians i just have to watch 1 add instead of 5 adds wich for me is reasonable.
What i dissagree with is that a new players ( my little brother started playing 1 month ago ) every time they end theyre turn the are forced to watch an ad. The add just pops up immideatly. They can skip it yes but if by accident they click on it it starts opening browser pages over and over again and this is annoying. I started playing a little bit before the game got sold to SHG and i dont have any issue with adds after ending my turn. What i wounder is if this is intended that new players must watch an add every time they end theyre turn or its some kind of a glitch or something.
Thats my humble bad written opinion i hope i got my point clear enough. See you ingame guys. Take care
General Discussion » Spookyhouse devs Q and A » Go to message
Hi there,
First i want to say that I am a new UniWarrior and to be honest i think i`m falling in love This game is awesome and i try to learn the three races as much as possible but mastering them will take some time and many games played, that i know for sure. Anyway on to my question
Q: Do you plan to make UniWar a "pay2win" game or you will stick to the "old ways". Adding for purchase cosmetic and funny stuff which will in no way give any advantage in-game for the person who purchased them?
(its really hard theese days to find a good strategy game which is not p2w but purely strategy).
Q: Do you plan to release future updates with short periods of time between each one untill we get overwhelmed with new stuff for which we will have no reasonable time to get familliar and used to them, or you are going to release them slowly and properly?
Q: Why when i search in your website for UniWar it says there are no results found ?

Thats the questions i had in mind, i hope they get answered whenever is possible and please excuse my broken english spelling. I never learned this language in school lol
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