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General Discussion » 3 Min Turn matches and more to be live streamed thru Twitch! » Go to message
I'll also gladly join once my alt account hits the 2300 mark
General Discussion » Titan need their plasma tank improved. » Go to message
  Hawaiian wrote:Don't forget that plasma tanks can be brought down rapidly to low health with just one bopper or borfly. Thus a +2 GH buff is actually very minor considering that a low health Plasma won't do much damage anyway.

Thus, better healing might also not be a bad buff. They have to sit and not attack to heal. They have to move to attack, and cannot also heal. So really both buffs might not be bad at all. Every tank is very underpowered now with the advent of the bopper and borfly. I think the two buffs together would make a more dynamic game. And you may see situations where plasma tanks actually advance to attack. Would be fun to mix it up like that.

I think the next new units should be something to prevent unit buildup at safe range, almost the same thing as turtling. The mega weapons that can attack or threaten large groups of units to break up positions. The only boring games, to me, are the ones where units buildup gradually at safe range and then after several rounds of non-action finally attack.

Yeah I think the race needing this the most though would be the Khraleans since imo KvK is the most tedious and boring matchup in the entire game with no diversity at all.
Bug Reports » Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins » Go to message

Abnormally high damage to submerged unit:
Underling on Reef Tile dealing 2 damage to submerged Skimmer,
Plasma Tank on Swamp dealing 7 damage to submerged Skimmer. This happened in a team game against Bots.
New Feature Request » Many Unicoins but nothing to do with them » Go to message
I like this idea. And while we're at it I'd like to put forward my idea of introducing skins. It'd be pretty awesome in my opinion
New Feature Request » New Unit - Krahl » Go to message
First of all I can tell you that he was being sarcastic. And although I think you still will struggle against Titans and Khraleans it was already strong against Sapiens (although not easy to use effectively). Let me break down why:
1) as an Engineer sniper:
since with the introduction of the salamander, plague has become a much more common "feature" that will come to bear in a KvS matchup, the role of the engineer has become more than ever crucial to the Sapien. If it was already not easy to protect them from Swarmers it is even more so to protect it from wyrms.
2) as a Helicopter crusher:
having the maa, helicopters can easily single out some units to kill and in the same turn retreat, potentially behind some marines of their own. This won't protect them from long range shots though. Add in the fact that weakened helicopters deal heck of a lot less damage and the wyrm complements almost any kind of aerial army composition the Khraleans have to offer.
3) as an area denial tool:
it's hard to dodge a unit that has a potential attack range of 3+2 but especially the weaker armoured units like the bopper and the fuze will have a hard time against it. Sure, the swarmer does this job well enough but it often has to risk its life doing so.

Now my opinion on how the buff will affect the aforementioned points:
1) this will work just as well as before but with the additional bonus of getting out of reach of potential 'predators' will make this a lot more viable.
2) same as above
3) even more so here, the Wyrm will be able to reach key targets (such as a Bopper) and be able to retreat in the same round just to be healed back up again. Probably not the most effective strat in most situation but in some situations this could be a true game changer.

Yes I know, the borfly is both a counter to the wyrm as in some cases it may even be a more than worthy replacement (especially against navy) but at the cost of this extra mobility the wyrm has to offer. I can't decide just yet whether it is op now or not but I can understand the frustration coming from players that mostly play Sapiens. Just my two cents.
New Feature Request » Uni Factions » Go to message
Great idea! Of course it probably will need some fine tuning since we can't really tell how these abilities would turn out to be in a real scenario but that's not what matters. What matters is that this is really exciting and would add a great incentive to playing this game!

In addition it would be kind of cool to have the best of each faction play in a 4v4 tournament, on a seasonal or annual basis. Anyway, I love the idea, adds a nice touch to the game!

(I assume the advantages you suggest are only active within these faction games)
General Discussion » Imbalanced Games! » Go to message
You drove me so far I'm actually considering writing myself a little script to change the color of every text post to yellow .. maybe even a browser extension xD

So open the dev tools (F12 on most browsers, else Ctrl+Shift+i), then click on 'console', then enter this code snippet:

you are welcome

Update: Chrome users may use this extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/yellow-changer/halknbjpaocpjcfmeacancmhfpgnfgem?hl=en-US
General Discussion » Imbalanced Games! » Go to message
I think it doesn't even take away anything not having them straightaway. I started the Impaler2-thing recently as well to see how far I will get without having them. And I think it could be seen as kind of a campaign where you have to become proficient with the units you already have before implementing new ones into your play style.

Also I have to say that your text is painful to read @The Impaler, why out of all 2^24 colours did you choose yellow?
General Discussion » Team- Match - engineer » Go to message
What this also does is put the 2v2 matchup of KKvSS more in favor of the Khral team because plague can spread across teams but the advantages of engineers do not, thus making tightly packed unit formations between two teammates a lot harder to organise.
New Feature Request » changing for guardian » Go to message
Sooo.. I may assume that you are serious and are really struggling with the guardian. My assumption is that you do not build enough infantry. Because this is literally the best counter to guardians.

Although the guardian is actually a good all-round unit its greatest weakness lies in its defence. Which is almost non-existent. You have to be very careful when using it and good players will use that to their advantage.

For instance getting a 5 or even a 6-shot out of a tank when having to risk it getting attacked by [Marine/Mecha/Underling] means you have gained nothing. Yeah, that tank is basically unusable for now but it can retreat. Whereas you are sitting on a 4-hp Guardian (or maybe even no guardian at all) which does only tiny bits of damage (1-2) to enemy tanks. So let's count our losses here: got a Tank/Pinzer/Plasma to half hp. so we're talking about 200-250cr assuming it won't get healed and probably another 100cr if your opponent counterattacks with infantry. On your side you lose about 6hp which equals to 60% of your cost (210cr that is). Looks like you gained an advantage but how are you going to prevent the Tank getting healed back up? The scenarios may vary but I can assure you that it's practically a worthless unit without a strong core army to back it up.

If you are still not convinced you can invite me for a game where I play against you without making use of blaster units. If you don't like that either I strongly recommend watching some of the high-level players in tournament quarterfinals to finals.
New Feature Request » changing for guardian » Go to message
Since he hasn't written anything about reducing the guardian's cost I can only assume that he is a troll. To anyone unfamiliar with the damage calculations, what he's suggesting is basically that the guardian do:

2.425 damage avg to tanks and pinzers and 2.15 to plasma tanks and an absurdly low amount of damage to anything else.

Yes, he could attack twice but at the cost of a large portion of its mobility (which under realistic circumstances would mean moving 1 tile per action) and making it even more susceptible to counter-attacks.

Anyway, I already gave him more attention than I should have. Let's just ignore him from now on

Edit: replaced"regular" with "realistic"
Tournaments » Sapiens Vs Sapiens, Khraleans Vs Khraleans, Titans Vs Titans » Go to message
Deutsches Forum » Fragen und Antworten zu den Unterwassereinheiten » Go to message
Danke für die schnelle Info! So manche Unklarheiten bestanden ja doch, insbesondere zu den Schadensabzügen. Gut, das ein für alle Mal geklärt zu haben!
General Discussion » CTF map making challenge » Go to message
2 weeks = 2 weeks relative to the time you're entering the forum to see if something happens or SHS have called it quits yet..
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.98 UNDERWATER units for pre-purchase » Go to message
the skimmer doesn't take damage either
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