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General Discussion » So, will there be an iPad version? » Go to message
i believe development has ended for uniwar and all their focus has been on uniwar 2. they don't seem to be updating unbalanced maps or making any improvements (e.g. chat), so i don't expect them to port uniwar to the higher res ipad.
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
if you want an equal unit, just pick the same race as your opponent. the entire point of different races is that each race has their strength and weaknesses. you need to figure out what they are and use different strategy depending on what races you and your opponent have chosen and the map you're playing (as well as who moves first). some races do better on certain maps. that's all part of the game. if every race had equal abilities, then you'd only need one race and 2 different colors. i believe they call that game chess.
New Feature Request » Add ratings requirement to new games » Go to message
a ratings requirement wouldn't protect newbs. it only protects higher ranked players who don't want risk their precious rank by losing to a lower ranked player. broken maps are a separate issue.

the most anyone can lose in a game is 31 points. you can be 1000 points higher than your opponent and you will only drop 31 points if you lose to them. so seeing as there is a limit, i see no need for a min ratings requirement. to make the game as open and fair as possible, you have to give lower ranked players a chance to come up.

if the devs do decide to implement a min rating setting for games, they should also reset everyone's rank to 1500. that way everyone starts from the same position. how would you like that?
Frequently Asked Questions » Can non iphone players , play against iphone players? » Go to message
New Feature Request » New Race! » Go to message
let's throw in a fourth object for the rock, paper, scissors game also.

sardonic comment aside, a fourth race would really throw things off balance.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » IRC Nerds » Go to message
what's the point?
Technical Support Questions » How do I accept push notifications? » Go to message
open the iphone Settings app and go to Notifications. all app notifications are set there and uniwar should be one of them.
New Feature Request » Rate player speed » Go to message
i like this idea.
Bug Reports » 1.0.6 chat sucks » Go to message
chats sometimes don't get sent after pressing "Done".

please bring back the auto-correct feature. truly baffling why this feature was even removed.
Technical Support Questions » cannot charge iPhone - why not play uniwar in browser? » Go to message
here are a couple options:
buy another charging cable.
buy another iphone
buy an ipod touch
buy an android phone
forget about uniwar and go on with your life. it's just a game, not the end of the world.
New Feature Request » My Current Games from the Pause Menu » Go to message
i would like this feature.

i'd also like a "go to next game without ending turn". sometimes i want to send a chat msg and go to the next game without ending my turn and come back to it later.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.6 iPhone » Go to message
too bad text in chat no longer auto-corrects. i think i preferred the old way with auto-correct, even though i got the black screens sometimes.
Guides & Tips » Yet another cheap exploit » Go to message
this should be banned:

either give me an option to never display these types of games, or prevent players from creating 3 pages of 3m games on the same map.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Update to iPhone v1.0.6 requested (please read) » Go to message
players should be forced to update immediately if they want to play. there are players still creating games on the old maps and with closed slots.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Push Notification off? » Go to message
open your iphone settings. under Notifications, you can set what push notifications are sent (badges, text, sound).
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