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User Generated Maps » <Solved> Updating an SPC map that's already scheduled » Go to message
Hi! I've recently become quite interested in creating SPC maps as I figured there aren't enough of them to fill even a year-round schedule of Daily Challenges.

A few hours ago I received an Admin message notifying a map I just uploaded was picked for Daily Challenge of Nov. 14. Although I tested it successfully before attaching the #SPC hashtag, I just discovered a potential problem which needs fixing.

I wasn't sure it is allowed to change things after the map is scheduled so I tried to contact the admins before making the change, but since I couldn't find a way to reply to the admin mail I received, I just went ahead of updating it first, by deleting the previous version and uploading the fixed version under the same name.

Will this change be reflected in the Daily Challenge? Or will it mess things up so I have to inform the admins about it? If so, is there a way to contact the admins?

The map in question is "SPC Traffic Jam".

There were also similar instances where I found problems in the map after it got scheduled, but because I wasn't sure changing is allowed I just left them as they were (they weren't game breaking problems anyway, just rendering the maps less entertaining.) This is the first time I actually went on with the change.

Thanks in advance for any advice

EDIT: Nevermind, contacted admin pashaka for help. Yes it turns out since the maps are identified by map ID and not by name, you have to inform the admins separately for the change to take place.

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uniwar 1.13.5
galaxy note 5
android 7.0

Subject: Damage to submerged Submarine units is hugely different between map editor and actual game.

In the map editor, when I play test games against the AI, if the AI walker attacks my submerged submarines it only deals about 1 point damage.
But after I upload the map and play it online (against the AI), AI walkers deal around 6-7 points per attack.
Same goes for attacks by enemy ships, tanks, etc.; the damage my submerged subs receive is much higher in online games (I only tested against the AI yet so not sure if its the same against human opponents) than what is shown during map editor test matches.
Bug Reports » Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins » Go to message
- uniwar 1.12.11
- Galaxy Note 5
- Android 7.0

When playing local games against the AI, if you bury a unit and the AI moves a unit on top of it, the game gets an error message and becomes unplayable.
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