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  duaneski |TT| wrote:Sorry man. I didn't finish it. So much work it's on my todo list but will be a long term project ... I'll post here as soon as it's done

No problem, take your time.
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Modes in general would be great. Ok, maybe not like fully programmable Warcraft/Starcraft map editor but something where bit more events can be added, units restricted (like in early campaigns) or unit stats tweaked. With recent increase of challenge maps there would be both map makers to make them and players to play them.
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Yeah I'm not fan of long range on blasters either. Nor I'm I convinced that armour piercing was needed at all but that's another story. Though I like how blasters made basic infantry and other cheap units more relevant. Your idea of expendable units is interesting. Here is another one: expendable munition. What if blasters had only one anti-tank shoot and when they spent it they'd attack without armour piercing bonuses until they got their munition replenished. This in turn could be either credit cost or starting a turn next to owned base (to discourage blasters camping 3 hexes away from enemy base).
General Discussion » Titan need their plasma tank improved. » Go to message
  Hawaiian wrote:Don't forget that plasma tanks can be brought down rapidly to low health with just one bopper or borfly. Thus a +2 GH buff is actually very minor considering that a low health Plasma won't do much damage anyway.

Thus, better healing might also not be a bad buff. They have to sit and not attack to heal. They have to move to attack, and cannot also heal. So really both buffs might not be bad at all. Every tank is very underpowered now with the advent of the bopper and borfly. I think the two buffs together would make a more dynamic game. And you may see situations where plasma tanks actually advance to attack. Would be fun to mix it up like that.

I think the next new units should be something to prevent unit buildup at safe range, almost the same thing as turtling. The mega weapons that can attack or threaten large groups of units to break up positions. The only boring games, to me, are the ones where units buildup gradually at safe range and then after several rounds of non-action finally attack.

Um, blasters (bopper, borfly, guardian) were introduced for breaking up turtling tactics. Have you noticed how long range they have? Previously only few special units had any range beyond melee and only artillery had more then 2 range. Then came blasters with up to 3 range and suddenly no tile is truly safe (they are also relatively cheap). This certainly broke plasma tank + walker turtling but I still find tanks viable in offense, you just need to think about supporting them. Actually tanks are support units now, they are mobile walls which deny movement to opponent and give friendly units some breathing room to recover.

I vote for adding a bit of mobility to plasma tank because it's really annoying to move them over a base now. I had a few 2v2 game where my base was next to a bridge and teammate couldn't move his tank while I was building units there. 6 mobility is really limiting, it confines a unit to 1 tile per turn in most cases, it could move 2 tiles but the slightest hint of difficult terrain brings it down to 1.
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  Paul5678 wrote:Impaler: I think it's cool seeing a conversation continued, even if it's an old conversation. I think that's better than having a new thread; I like having the context of seeing the previous discussion all in one place.
I'm curious; what's your objection to continuing old threads?

I doubt keymaster2 is that caring for the context . But I agree, with so quiet forum it's ok for some activity.
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  simsverd wrote:
  keymaster2 wrote:no they have advantages over each other but it depends on the skill level of the players
please... you are a 1500 player.. impaler is a top player at 2500+
And also stop resurecting old posts without any good reason... please

It amuses me when he/she and chimes with some "wisdom" on old threads . Pacing is ok if you are checking forum daily.
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  Capitan sangre wrote:Map layout plays an important role I agree on that. However with resent changs S vs K match became almost impossible to win for Sapiens. The reason I feel is that kraleans make mass underlings, air units. Use wyrms to snipe helicopters and salamanders to spread plague on sapiens army at a relatively cheap cost. Even you could attack with marauder it is not cost effective because of buried underlings. The solutions I proposed will help sapiens counter this strategy. So far I have not encounter any solution in any map layout. If you have then I would appreciate the feedback. But don't just say change map layouts.

If you are getting attacked with wyrms (plural) then you've lost long time ago. If opponent of any race can comfortably build multiple artillery pieces then you weren't aggressive enough early on. Buried underlings take at least 3 turns to employ: 1 to build underlings, 1 to move them off the base since they can't bury there and 1 to finally bury them. What I've learned from opponents better then me is to play the game from turn 1 and apply pressure early on. Delaying your attack for 3 turns only gives opponent time to execute his plans.

Don't be afraid of plague, it's a hassle but not a death sentence. You can live with it for a turn or two. You can also position yourself to get plague on less important units. Plagued marine can be easily eliminated by capturing a naval base (some maps use them as bridges and have plenty of them, probably dating before roads/proper bridges were introduced).

Finally don't be afraid to ask for help in chat. Share a replay and you'll get good feedback (inbetween Trump jokes ) or ask someone to coach you in 1v1 match if you have that much time.
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
Who raises an old thread only to muddy the name of marauders? Mhh?!? Marauders are the most awesome unit evah!

On serious note, marauders are very very useful unit for 250 credits. They are not a solution to everything but their ridiculous number of potential moves allows them to get where opponent is not looking and wreck a crucial unit.

About helicopters, I find them more troublesome in SvS then in KvS. If opponent builds a helicopter and terrain is not overly marine friendly then you have to either A) build a battery or B) build own helicopter. Khraleans can deter them with cheaper and easier to repair garuda. Pinzers are also good at stopping helicopters because they don't get much damage from them and are very good at chomping marines who protect helis. Which segways me back to the first few words, you are necroing a topic probably from before pinzers had air attack. Much has changed since then.
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  Duaneski wrote:I disagree strongly that underlings are OP. I think that assertion is borderline nutty.

Response above states that a corridor 3 hexes wide and 5 apart makes titans and saps OP. OKAY, so how about 2 hexes wide and 6 apart ? There is a balance that MUST be achieved in map making for the game to work.

Without it YEAH youre gonna have problems. Nerfing one of the fundamental mid to end-game pathways for an entire race because the users of this game don't understand map balancing isn't a good solution. While you're at it why not reduce plasma armor to 7 and walker range to 4.

Grumble grumble ....

Anyway. Strong no from me

Um, I can't edit a map served to me on random match up. Got a bad day or something?
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11 bot rarely but sometimes assimilates, friend or foe, it doesn't care.
14 bot isn't aware of gang up bonus, it will accidentally stumble into correct play order that benefits from it using it.
17 if it can, bot will always attack after move, potentially triggering behavior #11
18 bot can attack submerged unit without seeing it (having a friendly unit next to or above submerged target).
General Discussion » Buried underlings op » Go to message
  Capitan sangre wrote:Miss guess is that you did not play against a mass buried underling with range combo and plague before. Stepping on them just buy more time for more underlings to be made. The fact that they have the extra damage when they resurface makes your infantry units too weak as a protection against it. Air units are not cost effective and can be easily snipe by wyrms and swamers. The latest patch that gave wyrms avility to move before and after attack made it just too powerful against sapiens.
Pinzers and buried underlings are a good protection against marauder agresión. You should try it.

Nope, haven't had an opponent smart enough to combo underlings with anything. I rarely see artillery in random games. Early on they are huge gamble, even relatively cheap wyrm. You have to shield yourself from harassers like marauders and speeders and even then it's better to field cheaper unit then a glass cannon.
General Discussion » ARTISTS! Head here to earn some unicoins, and help to update » Go to message
If you need help with AI, I could lend a hand. I guess after 7 months of studying assets SHS is finally ready for baby steps so I'll give one ontopic criticism: swamp and desert tiles in vulcano tileset are easy to confuse. I can never tell which one is which, which shape of lava pond is good for a salamander and which one is bad.
General Discussion » Buried underlings op » Go to message
Wide (2+ hexes) corridors of plains give too much mobility to marauders and speeders. I once had misfortune to play a map where there was 3 tiles wide corridor and bases were 5 plains apart allowing titan to reach my base by turn 2 and pound my underlings. I tend to prefer maps with non-plain terrain so that speedsters have a bit of delay and infantry a fighting chance. Overly railroaded corridors are bad and too many roads is bad too since they diminish combat effectiveness of vehicles and inflate utility of flyers. So yeah, sprinkle of dunes and trees is good to spice up plains and mountains.

On topic, buried underlings are slow and can be neutralized by equally cheap standing above them. You do have infantry support? They also can't attack air and don't fare well against tanks.
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  keymaster2 wrote:i agree with pento about the eclipse. although it takes out a borfly in 1 attack,the eclipse vs 2 borflies will cause the eclipse to die before it can kill the 2nd borfly and 1 eclipse and 2 borflies cost the same amount of credits

I build eclipses very sparingly, usually only one to support speeders and mechas or to take down a helicopter. I leave borflies to speeders usually.
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  keymaster2 wrote:to be honest i think the sapien tank needs a buff and the plasma because the plasma's are stronger than the tank, i've noticed plasma beats the sapien tank in a fight beetween the 2

That's why sapien tank is cheaper. Also don't underestimate higher repair rate and mobility.
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