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Guides & Tips » Your guide to BLITZ mode – DANCE DANCE DANCE! » Go to message
[placeholder in case I forgot something – or need to add some cool new smileys]
Guides & Tips » Your guide to BLITZ mode – DANCE DANCE DANCE! » Go to message
So you either saw a Blitz-tournament or you somehow found yourself in an X-files style "lost time" situation.
[note to self: edit that, unlikely anyone knows the X-files anymore ]

In any case, welcome to Cidster's little !! BLITZ-compendium !!

BLITZ mode means short timers (so all the fun of a 3-min, 2-min or 1-minute game ) coupled with the regular 12 / 24 / ... hours per turn:
After your opponent's move you will get the usual time per turn but once you enter a game during your turn the timer will drop to a minute or so (depending on the Blitz-number the map author puts in the map's description). Once the timer reaches 0 your turn will be sent automatically.

Also, be careful: There is no overtime in Blitz games! If you do not play at all in the total time given (12h / 24h / or whatever's set) or if you leave a game while the timer is reaching 00:00:00 you will lose your turn entirely! Meaning in a Blitz game, if you're not in the game and time runs out then after a minute or so (to allow for connection issues on your end) your turn will be hard-skipped, old school style. And with no fancy-cakes skip-assistant for Pros either.

So, in Blitz games there's no worrying about the morale implications of skipping no redoing your turn a few hundred times, no thinking it over 'til tomorrow, no wormhole-testing, but just raw unimpeded ACTION! Also, take care not to enter these games by accident, the timer won't freeze if you leave. For the same reason, mind your connection. As the relatively young saying has it: "Don't blitz on trains or planes!"

Some technical comments:
The Pro-feature "step-undo" may help you a lot – or make things even more frantic, not sure. Going to settings(-visuals) and turning off unit movement/attack animations does save you time – but these games will still be tough and if you like the animations (I do ) it's totally doable with them enabled.

Blitz is also a pretty new feature so please report any bugs in-game (in open english chat) or pm me in-game. I probably won't respond to comments here because what's the point? Like all self-respecting Uniwarriors I just love posting the same answers over and over and having the same discussions over and over and over again in chat.

[Note to self: maybe use less smileys. Or more.]
Tournaments » Grand Tournaments by Uni-Rebel » Go to message
Accidental double-post, please ignore.
Tournaments » Grand Tournaments by Uni-Rebel » Go to message
Just a quick update
(done by me here as Xarvis unfortunately has left us).

The second tournament is still in the works, however it looks
as one change is already certain:
Payouts will change from 500 Unicoins for 1st place in each tier and 100 Coins for each groupstage winner to something more traditional like 500 for 1st, 200 for 2nd and 100 for 3rd place winner in each tier.
Further details are to be found on discord.
PM Uni-Rebel for the invite-link.
Tournaments » Cidsters Dead Monastery Challenges (CDMC) » Go to message
Current participants:
(Any UW scores here are from the time of posting this or whenever I felt like updating them, no guarantees there )

To participate, tell me by @-mentioning me in the
english UW-chat (wait for confirmation please) or via pm.

From the following participants any group of five (scores should be somewhat similar of course) can form an order.
I might suggest groupings but we'll only start an order
once all five initiates have agreed.

(there currently are no aspiring initiates, pm me to join)

Order of prodigal sons (ongoing)

Chandler (2247) Score total: 00
····Score for 0 initiated games: 0
····Score for 0 initiated revenges: ±00
Milchzahn (2183) Score total: -02
····Score for 0 initiated games: 0
····Score for 1 initiated revenge: -02
CARfirst (2154) Score total: 00
····Score for 2 initiated games: 0
····Score for 0 initiated revenges: ±00
NotoriousVIK (2248 ) Score total: 00
····Score for 0 initiated games: 0
····Score for 0 initiated revenges: ±00
Cidster (2185) Score total: 00
····Score for 0 initiated games: 0
····Score for 0 initiated revenges: ±00

Order of the deviout (ongoing):

Raven76 (1925) [color-green]Score total: 00[/color]
····Score for 0 initiated games: 0
····Score for 0 initiated revenges: ±00
t¡p (2031) Score total: 00
····Score for 0 initiated games: 0
····Score for 0 initiated revenges: ±00
Winnieh Puh (2049) Score total: -02
····Score for 0 initiated games: 0
····Score for 1 initiated revenges: -02
Zardecil (2083) Score total: 00
····Score for 0 initiated games: 0
····Score for 0 initiated revenges: ±00
jwillgoesfas (2047) Score total: -02
····Score for 2 initiated games: ±00
····Score for 1 initiated revenges: -02
Tournaments » Cidsters Dead Monastery Challenges (CDMC) » Go to message

In short, it'll be lots and lots of dead monk and you should make extremly sure to win any revenge games (especially any that you start yourself) as those give the highest score.

For more tenacious readers:

You will fight four other players. You will see their names and agree to all four of opponents before you have to invest your 100 Unicoins.
After all five players have agreed each player must front a buy-in of 100 UC to me. After that the games will start.
The winner will get the whole pot (500 Unicoins).

All fights will be 1 vs 1.
You'll start one game against each of your 4 opponents and they'll do the same, so it's 8 games at least (+ revenges).
It is highly recommend to start only one, maybe two of these games at a time.
Before you become overwhelmed, better decline invitations and tell your opponent to please play someone else first or wait for a few days before inviting you again.

All games will be played on the universally known and historically fair map "dead monk", courtesy of Uniwar.
Races are free, fog of war on, standard 24h-turns.
Revenges are possible (plus valuable and risky, see below).

(keep in mind that church law is always complicated )

Only the score of the player who starts the current game or who starts the revenge game is changed by the outcome! The other player's score stays the same.

Also, revenge games count double,
so a regular game gives +1 for a win and -1 for a loss,
while a revenge game gives +2 for a win and -2 for a loss.
(Starting revenges is the best way to win big. Or lose hard.)

All scores start at 0 and can become negative.

Since we want monky and not monkey business, participants are to pm me the replay link in UW or share a screenshot of the "technical" victory screen
(showing who played whom and on what map).
Tournaments » Cidsters Dead Monastery Challenges (CDMC) » Go to message
To all aspiring dead monks!

Cidsters Dead Monastery Challenges
are going live!

(for the rules see next post)

And this goes out to random people aspiring either the dead or the monk status as well as to dead folk who're seeking enlightenment and monks that want to deaden themselves for any reason.
Plus of course all those really really abnormal individuals out there who are willing to support Uniwar with actual money and have fun in the process (yes, such twisted people do exist).
Hey, the Cidster doesn't judge!

Before we go any further, if you have (or can get) the discord (chat) app, please pm me in UW for the discord invite-link.
In this case you also don't have to read any more of the complicated stuff here, as all this can be found on discord as well. Plus, you can ask questions there and get an answer.

Upper: You can win 500 Unicoins.
Downer: You have to pay 100 of yours up front.
And remember that in our greedy grab-as-you-can-UW world only bought or gifted Unicoins can be given away to other players.
So yes, you most likely will have to invest and risk some actual nickles on this.
But remember that by buying coins in the UW-shop you do support the game that we all love.
And no, I get no cut from the devs for doing this, only a 200 bump of my UW-score. [Kidding folks, just kidding!]
Bug Reports » Weird music loop unstoppable » Go to message
This bug was already shared by many Users in the in-game forum:

Sometimes upon starting Uniwar, a weird music loop plays in the background (drums and something harp-like, about a 5sec loop, music is not used anywhere in the game).
It plays non-stop in the background, any other sounds are heard normally including the regular Uniwar music and sounds.
Weird thing is, it does not stop when leaving Uniwar or switching to another app.

Possible solutions:
Close Uniwar (sometimes that is enough although if that worked for you, you wouldn't be reading this I guess).
Close all other apps (no joke, this sometimes is the only possible way to make it end).
Force-stop Uniwar.
Clear system cache.

I foremost want to share these solutions for anyone looking for help here like I did.
If you experience this bug and these steps didn't work but something else did, please post your solution below!

Bug Reports » Map browsing -> unit info => app crashes » Go to message
Hello, I noticed the following:
In mapview when I press the "i" in the lower left corner to look at units I can look at sapiens units fine but cannot cycle to the other races units with the ">>" symbol. Instead, UW stops for a moment, then closes. (Android message reads "Uniwar has stopped"... or after some tries "Uniwar keeps stopping")

This happens without exception every time I view a map while browsing maps (either from my profile via "browse maps" or when selecting a map for creating a custom game), i.e. the error can reliably be triggered if mapview was opened from the screen that says "select map" on top.

While playing a game or if viewing the selected map directly from the screen titled "setup custom game" the browse-units-feature works fine.

It's no major issue but maybe that means it's also easy to fix?

Uniwar version: 1.13.5
running on Android 7.0

Frequently Asked Questions » War report - what is 'time used' » Go to message
Ah, ok, thanks for clarifying. That is actually what I would expect and in war reports of finished games it works fine.

I was just irritated because during active games the used time is clearly not always shown correctly (many games show my elapsed time even in later rounds as <1m) but that is just during an active game, after the game ends the shown times change to plausible values.
Frequently Asked Questions » War report - what is 'time used' » Go to message
Hi @ all.

Could not find this explained anywhere in the game or here in the forum (sorry in case I overlooked it).

In the war report:
What do the two values after 'time used' mean?

They don't show the average turn time for both parties and also not the times used in the latest round, because in a tournament game I got '1d 18h 10m vs 1d 16h 25m' while the 12-hour turn limit was never exceeded.

They also do not show the total time used by the enemy and friendly player / team, because in a game where I definitely used more than minutes it currently says '2d 12h 1m vs <1m'

Finally, there are games where the second value is bigger than the first, which means it's also not something like 'time used overall vs time used last round'.

I could probably just keep experimenting but hopefully someone can answer this easily?
Bug Reports » Cannot login - "Invalid content recieved"-Error » Go to message
Perfect, thx
Bug Reports » Cannot login - "Invalid content recieved"-Error » Go to message
Hi, been playing for a month now (loving it btw), on Mobile data and Wifi without problems.
Since this evening I get an Error when trying to sign in:
"Invalid content recieved. Please check your connection."
Signing in was ok today via mobile data, the error ocurred for the first time when using Wifi again some 15 Min later.
I can even play my active games, if I tap the screen really fast, since it seems to kick me out actively (for a split second I see - and can click - the Mainscreen). When leaving a game for the Main Menu however, I always stand - already logged-out - right on the Login-Screen.

What did / am I doing wrong?

Uniwar Version 1.12.11
running on Android 7.0
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