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Messages posted by: Kwisatz Haderach
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I'm not said about cost reduce because current cost too low for unit with such characteristics (swarm's "action range" and plasma's firepower) , but it would be normal for characteristics which I suggest. Anyway I'm not insist on exactly these values , main idea is make guardian not such "allmighty" - its now strongest anti-tank unit (borfly have higher attack againist heavy units but less in armourpiercing and it can't attack after move or gain a hex's attack bonus , bopper weaker in armourpiercing againist heavy units and it have very specific attack range and due its limited mobility gaining hex's bonus is more complicated , also both of these units much weaker against most of unit types than guardian which very powerful againist all types of units) and it may become even more stronger with hex's bonus , which guardian can gain easily due its high mobility. With suggested changes guardian still could deal approximately same as now damage on maximum distance (move on 3 hex and attack on 2) , but only with hex's bonus.
New Feature Request » changing for guardian » Go to message
I think a guardian is absolutly overpowered unit - it's a combination of enormous attack power againist all types of units , high mobility which allow him easily overcome any terrain to reach and attack almost any of enemy's units , and pretty low cost of building which allow build it almost each turn even on small maps.

If enemy build a guardian all your plans and strategy are ruining because after this moment you have only two ways:
1. destroy or at least serious damage a guardian as soon as possible - otherwise its break through your defence on the next turn;
2. start a massive retreat of all your units which in attack range of guardian - this often prove a begin of loosing game.
Even if you choose to destroy guardian - it's not so easily to do: any more or less experienced player would cover guardian by other unit , even if that covering unit is just a simply mech - you need at least THREE powerful units (like marauder or speeder) to success (two to destroy mech and thrid to attack guardian) - in other words: you need units which cost at least 750 in sum , to deal with couple units which cost only 450 - and it's only if covering unit is simple mech - not something more defended , if it's only one , and it not stay on forest/mountain/base hex. Also many maps just not allow to reach guardian , for example maps with many mountains with narrow passages: enemy could easily block these passages and prevent you to intercept guardian , in same time guardian owing to it's high mobility could easily overcome mountains and attack your units.

I suggest change guardian's attack power to:

light units : 3

heavy units : 2

air units : 3



And change mobility to 6 , but allow guardian to move (and attack) twice , like marauder.

Thus guardian still could cause major damage to all types of units , but only on short range , or it could move even further than now and attack two different targets on its way , but with less damage - in other words guardian could have high movement rate OR high attack power , but not both them at the same time.
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Can't login via 2g connection - with 3g working fine
It's start day ago , other apps working fine with 2g
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