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Tournaments » Grand Tournaments by Uni-Rebel » Go to message
Tournament No 1 has started on the 5th March 2018

Tournaments » Grand Tournaments by Uni-Rebel » Go to message

Un-Rebel is constantly hosting tournaments for various rank classes.
Players are grouped into 4 groups of 4. Group winners receive 100 Unicoins. Tournament winner gets 500 Unicoins

The tournament is exclusively organized over Discord. The server already has close to 100 members and is still growing, as Uni-rebels tournaments gain popularity. The server has a close bond to the english, french, and very active spanish Discord uniwar servers

Matches from the Elite Tournament (score 2300+) will furthermore be broadcasted on twitch.

Discord is not a requirement for joining, but it does help the organization immensely.

You can join the server through this link: https://discord.gg/g7ej5pP
New Feature Request » Many Unicoins but nothing to do with them » Go to message
I just noticed you can edit
New Feature Request » Many Unicoins but nothing to do with them » Go to message
I meant permanent unique flags not maps
New Feature Request » Many Unicoins but nothing to do with them » Go to message
There are some players ingame that have over 10 000 earned unicoins, but have bought everything there is. Ive thought of the following feature to solve the issue and add another aspect to the game, that might also spur some players to buy unicoins
Lucky Draw
Sometimes you have the chance to win one of the following (These are all ideas I brainstormed, maybe others have other ideas
- permanent unique map
- temporary chat color
- special sound effect
- temporary unique unit color
- jackpot of many unicoins (tagged bought, so they can even be gifted)
- small jackpot
- get double rewards for a week
- free rename
New Feature Request » A list of game improvements » Go to message
1. A statistic graph where you can see the score progression over the past, lets say 100 games. Many chess games have it and its always wonderful to see your own progress or the one of your enemy

2. When creating a game on a team map with closed slots, it will show the playing capacity incorrectly, for example: 1/5 ready, even when only 1 slot is open.

3. When judging team maps, the different colors are always confusing, and everyone Ive talked to about it agrees. It would be wonderful if opposite sides could be made more distinct. Maybe even the option to toggle between a basic view, where all colors of Team 1 are red and Team 2 are black, or maybe shades of those colors.

4. When going to browse maps, there is no option to play them. You need to copy the link, paste them in a chat and only then there is a play button

5. The possibility of renaming your archived games is something many of us wish for (mentioned already in the forum, vut it hasnt been implemented, so moht as well repeat it )

6. When going to search map by name, it shouldnt be dependent on the map size selected for browsing. Often I had failed to find my maps because of this limitation

7. More chat emojis! They are so cute :love

8. Lastly, a wish that is more about gameplay than a technical aspect: Upgraded units! It would be cool if units could get very unique upgrades after veteran 12. What comes to mind for me is: Instantly heal completely - extra movement and vision- extra heal - double move - move after attack - automatically heal by repair rate every turn - extra range. Some units already have some of those attributes, in which case it they could already have this upgrade by default. So lets say defaut repair rate is 1. Speeders have that doextra heal upgrade already. Then there are also negative attributes, like -1 heal. In other words: the specialities of each unit to be visible as unit perks, and the ability to attain extra perks after veteran 12.
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