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New Feature Request » Supply path needed for self-repair/healing » Go to message
I would like to suggest that self-repair/healing (without help of specialized class like Engineer, or when not standing on Medical terrain hex, or friendly Base hex, or a friendly Harbour hex, or self-occupied city hex) should be possible only when a supply route can be traced from any friendly base, friendly harbour, city not occupied by enemy unit, or medical terrain not occupied by enemy unit, and such route can not be traced via hexes occupied by enemy units, enemy unit's ZOC hexes (except for enemy's unit ZOC hex occupied by a friendly unit), and Ocean Terrain hexes (only in case of units other than Amphibian and Aquatic units). This is intended to reflect a situation of units unable to receive supplies and reserves. As an additional feature to consider, isolated units (with no supply path available) could have their attack and defence values temporarily decreased, to reflect their need to conserve fuel and ammo and therefore - reduced combat effectiveness.
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