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Messages posted by: UNI-REBEL
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General Discussion » 3 Min Turn matches and more to be live streamed thru Twitch! » Go to message
Hello Uni-Warriors! i am looking to establish a league of players to my twitch server dedicated to top elite scores of 2300-2700.. As of now i am in the building stages of creating a interest for those that may find this project appealing. The main purpose of this experiment is for the streams to be broadcast for a audience of battles of my tourney games and other related uw content ect.. Although limited to lower score players for some content that will be available in the beginning stages, and depending of the following of a growing demand and so fourth, other ideas will be added to welcome those players as well to the fray of things..
I welcome all that would like to contribute to help with any ideas of this plan. Mainly the first step of making this a starting point is to gather U! the players that will make this all come together. With ur participation as a contender, this will also build and shape a name for urself around uw as some of the finest competition there is.

I will have further details in the coming months as this will be a ongoing process of developing its set up. Preferably serious players are needed as it will require those active that can commit to its scheduling.. With that in mind and those that think they would like to participate in the 3min matches, or help within its lifespan of launching it off, pm me (UNI-REBEL) in-game. Thanks for ur time and consideration of this matter of something that could be promising to our beloved gaming experience within the uw universe!

FYI- Btw those that missed my first tourney and would like to join the next one can also join my discord server where i host them. Joining only makes it easier for all info related to all the tourney rules and content within the server for your pleasure but is not required to enter. Below is a link to join my discord. Thanks again! Peace.

Discord invite- https://discord.gg/p44pmJx
General Discussion » Grand Mapmaking Contest 2018 » Go to message
Count me in also!
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