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Messages posted by: Indisguise
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General Discussion » h o s t i l e - e n v i r o m e n t » Go to message
Very cool. You just gave me another idea ) gotta write that sht up now haha
New Feature Request » New Race - The XII » Go to message
I was actually thinking that the Redeemers would choose to fight alongside the titans and sapiens... except against the XII.

And because of that, thought it would make sense to give Khral a new unit too. I'll add my favorite khral unit here in a bit
New Feature Request » New Race - The XII » Go to message
UW Race 10 - The XII

"The insectoid race multiplies rapidly.... underneath the surface their numbers grow exponentially. The metal and flesh bipedals will soon be overwhelmed. Threat level IIOOOIIIIOOOO....•" .... "Transmission concluded."

Redeemer IO rose slowly, the message passing through its consciousness.

"Harbinger I, recommendation for intervention for assessment and culling, as required by our mandate."

Harbinger I paused, staring out into the cosmos. The XII had grown in numbers... but this venture would stretch them very thin across their assigned sectors. Still, the insectoids had proven more resilient than they had expected. Their ability to multiply and travel through space.... certainly they posed a grave threat to all life.

"The XII will act in accordance with our directive. We must maintain our presence throughout our sector. Send the Expedition team..... "

"And, IO.. prepare my ship. I shall join them."

Cost 100
Can capture bases
Mobility 11
Underground mobility: 9
Vision 5
Underground vision: 4
GL 5
GH 2
Air 1
Aq 4
Amph 4
Range 1
Def 5
Repair rate 1

Special force:
Resurface bonus: +2

AP 5% aquatic

Cost 325
Can not capture bases
Mobility 12
Vision 3
GL 5
GH 7
Air 7
Aq 3
Range 1
Def 9
Repair rate 2

Special force: may choose to teleport only after attacking. Unit will enter cooldown same as Titan TP. Ability cooldown: 1 round.

Cost 250
Can capture bases
Mobility 9
Vision 2
GL 4
GH 2
Air 1
Aq 3
Range 2
Def 8
Repair rate 1

AP 25% aerial

Special force: at the start of your turn, all adjacent units heal 1 HP. (Stacks with additional redeemers)

Cost 550
Can not capture bases
Mobility 9
Vision 1
GL 13
GH 8
Air 8
Aq 8
Range 1
Def 12
Repair rate 0

Move after attack: 6
Bug Reports » Capture the flag bugs and other mission questions » Go to message
ANY BASE capture is an automatic win.

Doesn't have to be a flag

That's what impypoo was trying to say

CTF works well for maybe 2-4 players or for scenarios as is..
General Discussion » New Race Ideas » Go to message
Excellent I'm good with all of that
General Discussion » New Race Ideas » Go to message
Just looked at the energy race. Very cool.


Blitzer - 1-3 range in 100 cost unit ... with MAA 11.. seems too much to me. I would think with the low stat line you could do 1-2 range or maybe 2-3 range.

Aegis - does it have any armor piercing?

I like the nuke. Do units that attack it take any damage?

Lotta cool concepts those are my main questions for sure.

I think you should reconsider the spider mines thing. Personally I don't think it meshes super well with most of the ideas you've got here. How about a supercharge or overcharge that increases the units attack at a cost to defense? Or maybe it costs like 50 credits for the overcharge.... :p just imho of course
General Discussion » 3 Min Turn matches and more to be live streamed thru Twitch! » Go to message
30-second or 1minute turns would maybe be better for a live stream?

Is that an option ?
General Discussion » Titan need their plasma tank improved. » Go to message
Well. That's what I'm thinking. We can't increase Def, so if we really buff Repair significantly, yeah it becomes a Titan thing - but you know what... plasma becomes a thing again too. And you could probably justify leaving mobility 6 so with repair 3 you actually basically get BACK TO the Plasma being that iconic hulking defensive beast of olde.

Which I think is really cool, personally
General Discussion » Titan need their plasma tank improved. » Go to message
Think the simplest answer is best for plasma.

Increase its repair and/or GH.

Personally, I would love to see a 3 repair on it. I think that would really make people have to focus fire on it. And really worried about how they're going to deal with it. (Like with a helicopter and rough terrain. You know it's gonna be a headache :p )

Great job balance team ... but every now and again if you miss doing something 'too much' I think it'll be okay
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