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New Feature Request » On the cycle of infection » Go to message
No problem, I just wrote it out for fun. Thanks for your consideration
New Feature Request » On the cycle of infection » Go to message
So I had another fever dream. Please bear with me, as this is not really a feature request, but just another crazy idea.

The cycle of infection as we know it :
Infector -> Infected Marine
Engineer -> Mecha II
Assimilator -> Cyber Underling

So, what if... what if an Engi unit could also infect another Engi unit?

To be honest, it would probably never happen in battle. But it might be fun among allies? On big maps, with a little more time?

Here's the idea :

Infector + Sapiens Engi = Infected Engi
Engineer + Assimilator = Assimilator II
Assimilator + Infector = Cyber Infector

These new units would effectively *reverse* the cycle of infection. Here is what they could capture/create :

Infected Engi (under Khral control) -> Infected Mecha
Assimilator II (under Sapiens control) -> Robo Underling
Cyber Infector (under Titan control) -> Plague Marine

Here are the powers of these new units (just throwing out ideas here)

Infected Mecha can move as quickly as an Underling
Robo Underling feels no pain, heals at +2
Plague Marine is disgusting, when dies does a Deliver Plague, one-hex radius

Thanks for listening, hope this was entertaining

New Feature Request » Order of battle within team » Go to message
Probably been requested before, please delete if so.

When we create a team, the order of battle is fixed. Team captain goes first, others after. Is there any way to control this? The only way I can think of is to create a separate team, with a different order of battle. For example, in 2v2 games, the second player to move captures bases a bit more often. It would be fun to be able to mix it up every now and then, just for a change of pace.

New Feature Request » Revenge games sides control » Go to message
I really like the Revenge option. When a game has been fun it's great to offer an instant rematch.

It would be nice to have a toggle in the Revenge window to be able to choose race/sides. For example, if a map seems to favor Khral over Sapiens, it would be fun to be able to try as the other race in the revenge game (or not). A clear control over this would be nice.

Also would be nice to be able to play around with turn order for the new game.

Thanks as always for reading these.
New Feature Request » Flying unit height » Go to message
Yes, the idea might only be worthwhile for longer games on bigger maps, where there is more build-up of an army and strategies are played out over a longer term.
New Feature Request » Flying unit height » Go to message
Hi there! I'm pretty new to Uniwar, and having a great time scrapping away. I like it enough that I paid 12.99! Shame on me for admitting that No but seriously, it's a fabulous game, particularly because it's so well-balanced. Congratulations to the developers.

Anyway, in the past when I've gotten into new games, a creative idea will come to me when I'm first exposed to the game... and then it never happens again So why not write this one out, before I forget? Here's what came up one morning as I was half asleep...

How about two possible heights for flying units? Regular and high altitude.
This would be somewhere along the lines of the Khral bury ability, but have more effects, all of them subtle.

Implementation :
- No need for new sprites, simply de-saturate the color of an air unit at High altitude
- No new units for any race (except possibly a tiny Scout unit for Titans)
- A flying unit can either Move or Change altitude, not both in the same turn
- Flying units spawn at Low (regular) Altitude by default

Generally speaking, going to High Altitude would have the following effects :
- Increase vision range by +1
- Give a small attack and defense penalty (-1/-1?)
- Lower movement cost over deep water, to same as shallow water

Unit-specific effects :

Khralean Borfly - cannot go to High Altitude. (Or maybe it can? and can fire one hex further, but with a severe Offense/Defense penalty?)
Khralean Swarmer - gets no Offense/Defense penalty at High Altitude, but exerts no Zone of Control either.

Titans - they have no flying units - could it be interesting to add a tiny Scout unit?
- Good vision range, highly mobile
- Weak offense / defense
- Cannot occupy Cities
- Exerts no Zone of Control

Sapiens Battery and Titans Walker
- can "see" flying units at High Altitude 1 hex further than their regular vision range
- cause +2 damage to a unit at High Altitude that is within close range

Anyway! These are just crazy ideas that came to me. Thanks for your time.... and hope to see you on the battlefield.

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