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New Feature Request » Two New Ideas » Go to message
1) not sure if it would totally screw with balance, but I like the idea. The healer units for each race that can also capture a unit from a certain race, engineer against mech etc. Would it work if they had the ability to convert any race, not just one? I feel it would add balance, especially on small maps with lots of trees and mountains where engineers can ruin titan. But also plays with the uni story nicely that each race has evolved and learned how to capture and convert more than just one race.

Not sure how difficult it would be to do, but I would happily pilot a load of test games with this feature to see how well it works.

2) again with the repair units. This time for team games. It would be great to be able to share and use each others repair units. Could be restricted to same race, but would be an interesting dynamic if an ant could go next to a team sap engineer and use the team mates unit to repair.

3) so many random matches I play have flawed maps, either a harsh choice of race for that map, or a blatant player 1 advantage that any good player will take advantage of. Yes you can revenge and win back, but it's not as fun as a good even and well earned win. Not sure how to even fix this, currently it's just luck of the draw if the random pick is kind to you or not.
Tournaments » In-game tourney feature » Go to message
I would like to see in some tournaments, especially with a group of 4, the top 2 players go through, could even have it seeded like the world Cup. Would give more people chance to progress if they are unlucky enough to have a rely good player in their group who destroys one opponent in a few moves and means that some very good players won't get knocked out early just because they have an elite player in their group
General Discussion » Infinite Undo - no longer available for purchase? » Go to message
There are plenty of reasons to still pay for coins to support the developers, cosmetic things, I just think anyone that paid £5 for the original game, should be given something as a thanks compared to being treated the same as someone who has spent £0 on the game when it changed to heing free.
General Discussion » Infinite Undo - no longer available for purchase? » Go to message
Don't get me wrong, it's an outstanding game and I'm really enjoying playing again, was nice to have to learn new units and see loads of new features when I started playing again, I think I'm mainly frustrated because I'm impatient and those 30 second ads kill me and then I see others with infinite undo, that I currently have no way of getting. The current fremium model definitely works and should help the developers esrn more, which will ultimately develop the game and benefit us, I just don't fancy having to pay again.

But you made some good points and some good comprises that would make long term players not feel hard done by, while also not making new players feel left out for only just finding the game.

But currently, the game is still fair, you cannot pay to win, its still based on skill and Im sure it will stay that way.

It's a hard balance though and you can't please everyone, I dread to think of the uproar when full undo turn was launched, I'm sure many didn't like that either
General Discussion » Infinite Undo - no longer available for purchase? » Go to message
Some good ideas, haven't done the new campaign, I've got a bunch of credits, but not loads, when I last played I'm not even sure if credits were a thing, so am only earning them now.

I would happily bank enough credits to buy the infinite undo, but that doesn't seem to be an option and the only way to now get it is to essentially buy the game again. My main frustration is that some people now have the infinite undo, but didn't ever pay for the game, others now don't have that luxury despite having already paid.

I'm glad it exists, same for showing the damage as that levelled the playing field to stop the account switchers having an advantage.

I mainly think that anyone who already paid once for the game should automatically be upgraded to the pro version for free. Even a semi pro version to say thanks for helping fund the game when it started.
General Discussion » Infinite Undo - no longer available for purchase? » Go to message
I'm pretty sure many years ago when I first started playing this game I paid around £5 for it. I've stopped playing for a year or so and have come back to some great new features, but a game littered with constant adverts. I now read that there will be a "pro" version and other forms of payment needed, I get the economics needed to continue to run and improve the game, but I do not feel people who have had the game since 2012 should have to pay more money for basic things like stopping ads for undo turn.
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