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New Feature Request » New Units » Go to message
I just wanted to put it some ideas for new units (I guess that would be a feature?).

I think the idea of a Khral unit that could lay eggs and bury them in the ground would be great. The eggs would not be detectable (or maybe only detectable by an engineer or assimilator directly next to it) and would hatch after a number of turns. They could even mature and then hatch on command after a certain number of turns have gone by. The units wouldn't be overly strong, but it could allow for a new strategy and feigned retreats.

Similarly, a sap unit that could maybe launch a unit a certain number of tiles would be cool. It could allow for a type of proto-teleport and quick terrain bypass. I would think no cool down after the initial launch turn and they may be weakat units overall.

Titans... I don't really have great ideas, they aren't my fave. Maybe a drop pod unit that can be called in anywhere on the map, no cool down after drop turn and weaker?

Also, what about special tiles, similar to the city, that give a benefit. Maybe one is a radio tower that shows a large radius of the board around it? Or sniper towers that allow one shot to be taken if you start your turn on it? There's a lot you can do with this.

Anyways, just thinking out loud.
General Discussion » Gang Up Bonus explanation needed. » Go to message
Can anyone reply with the chat command to show gang up bonus when moving in-game? I can't remember what it is.
Bad maps - to be voted out of the rated pool! » Circular » Go to message
I see your point. But the game in question is a tournament game and I believe has no revenge option... So it is a map where you will lose (based on the situation I put forward) strictly because of your race and settings/placement by the map maker. This is silly.

I understand what you are saying about this forum being used to collectively vote and influence whether maps are ranked or unranked, but if a map is found with a visible and understood flaw, why not remove it from ranked play? It seems like an inefficient system. Someone needs to be steering the ship and correcting course sometimes.

I like the ideas you put forward in the other post you linked to. And I agree that different people see maps differently based on a number of factors, and while one person feels it is a fair map, another may not. But there is a difference between feeling a map is unfair and knowing it is. For those maps that you are able to test and verify as unfair (to the point where skill doesn't matter) there should be a way to remove it from ranked. Or maybe there is a team of map testers going through and playing multiple games on a single map with all different races and they decide whether it's ranked or not? There are enough intelligent people playing that a group of them could look for issues together and make an informed decision.

The revenge addition to the game was a great idea.

But... Apparently this is just a discussion between you and i, and I'm guessing you are unable to remedy the situation as it currently stands... So... I guess that's the end of this discussion.

Thank you for your time.
Bad maps - to be voted out of the rated pool! » Circular » Go to message
What you are saying makes sense. The map is probably balanced for most match-ups, but in the (one) game I have an issue with I am unable to assist my team or plan any strategy. My only real option is to die and that just seems like a bad way to make/play a team map. Shouldn't games be about strategy and skill, not chance race and placement? I'm no pro, so if there is someone out there who can provide me with good strategies for this map in the situation described, please invite me to a game opposite of you and show me, because I was unable to come up with anything.


Does no one here have the power to look into these map issues, make a decision, and remove them? What's the point of this thread then? It can't just be a place to complain, can it? I mean, I'm all for democracy, but sometimes you need one person with the power to just get things done. It's silly to allow a map to remain in ranked circulation like this. Even if a map is fair 95% of the time, it's not enough. Ranked maps should be fair for each and every possible matchup, not just a majority of them.
Bad maps - to be voted out of the rated pool! » Circular » Go to message
By: El-mo
6 players

I try not to complain about maps too often as there are lots of strategies to be employed, but this one is just... not good. It's in tourney play somehow. I go last as titans and and am pitted against the same khral opposite me in both spots. There is nothing I can do as the high credit start amount allows them to get snakes at both locations and from there my options become extremely limited. The terrain is unforgiving and I am forced to quickly capitulate. It is possible that other matchups are more balanced, but from my viewpoint the map needs editing and should be removed for the time being.

I could go on about edits all day, you could change this or do that, move this here, blah blah, but it's not my map to fix and I have stated my opinion on the subject.
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