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New Feature Request » Number-capped, low-cost, gap-filler unit concept. » Go to message
I have an idea of unit type that would fill the gap the factions need most desperately need covered, costing little, but being limited in production.
Their max number in service would be related to total base count on the map - each 10 bases on the whole map, irrespectively of the owner, would allow maintenace of one such unit at a time per player, rounding up - 4, 9 or 10 bases total would allow one such unit, 11 would allow two.
After the unit is destroyed, replacement might be built.
For Titans, I think of aerial unit, good at dealing with vehicles and vessels, but hardly anything else, from close distance. Shape similiar to modern military UAV.
For Sapiens, my concept is slow, unplagueable infantryman in exoskeleton, very durable (repair +2 maybe) and with equal, mediocre attack power against all non-infantry and rather awful against infantry itself. Would be affected by Sapiens' own EMP.
For Kharleans, I propose a vehiculiar (ground heavy) unit that would have range of 3-4, decent at pounding at aerial units. Oversized spider flinging webs at enemies.
Cost of each somewhere between 250 and 400.
Feedback about "what factions need" especially welcome!
UniWar: Origins » Experiment X: Exodus of the Khraleans » Go to message
Huh, what?
I thought Kharleans considered humans to be just humans, old and known enemies.
Titans are the "demons" because they use incomprehensibly advanced technology (to kharls that can barely use an assault rifle), are not organic and therefore immune to gimmicks like plague or infection, teleport around, and, the most importantly, "possess" (assimilate) their underlings against their former comrades.
Also, underlings themselves can create other Kharleans in bases too, not just infectors. Even infected marines can. So, either all underlings or infected marines can breed too, or infectors lay eggs that each underling/infectee carries to establish a base, and the "base creature" is the one that truly "gives birth" to Kharleans, just like plants have sporophyte and gametophyte.
Edit: Grammar
Titans » Combating Blaster Units » Go to message
Recently I focused quite a lot on Titans gameplay, and I found one enemy combination hitting Titans very hard - a meatshield of panzers (tanks/pinzers) or infantry and constant buildup of blaster units. While boppers are a pain themselves, the borflies, being 1/3 cheaper are the most devastating.
I am just unable to flank the enemy with my limited ground units, and everything save for mechas is hit really hard. Mechas can't stand to Pinzers, and Guardians have too short range to pound enemy without being damaged and made useless (really, they are more glass cannon than anything, 0 repair hurts a lot).
The only solution I found so far is using walkers but in manuver warfare on many fronts or small maps they just cost too much! And I cannot request garuda reinforciments all time in team games!
Any tactics?
General Discussion » Uniwar Discord » Go to message
Link does not work, I can't find any discord server anywhere else. Is there any other server or functioning invite at least?
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