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General Discussion » Scout73 for Moderator » Go to message
This message is not endorsed by @Scout73.
Scout has been a huge help to everyone in Uniwar in the English chat. His poetic streams in the lore of hero mountain are second to none. He has been a responsible member of the community, and has vast knowledge of the game. He has my vote.
New Feature Request » Ability to change what number player you are in multiplayer » Go to message
Ability to change what player you are would be great. My idea is that for FFA or Team games, it would be nice to say that you want to be player 2, or 5. Right now whoever starts a game is limited to they must be player 1. Of course, this would not be an option in SPC maps. What do you think? This is something I personally really want to see.
New Feature Request » Avatars » Go to message
Mmm.... nah.
New Feature Request » New ways to get or earn Uni-coins » Go to message
Im looking forward greatly to the contribution availability!
New Feature Request » Map Starting Credits in War Report » Go to message
Not a huge thing, but it would save redundancy. I give full support for this request!
New Feature Request » "Created Map" collapsible Folders » Go to message
Hello, an idea I've seen thrown around in the Map Society and English chatrooms is folders for maps. The general idea is that you can have collapsible folders for your maps, just like you have on many features in your profile. It would make finding a map on someone's page twice as easy, and faster. Take, for example, @Prime Carrot. He has created hundreds of maps, and many of you know him from the "Badlands" series of SPC Daily Missions. On his page, he has created over a Hundred of maps in this series, even with some further subdivisions (I.E. "Dark Badlands"). On my profile, @Cardinals14, you'll see my popular HOCKY STICK series. To visualize what you would see, under my Profile's map tab, you would see
Note: in-example notes are done like [#description of concept#]

1 Created Maps (54)
2 Folders/All Maps [#Select viewing option here#]
3 Folders>
4 Standalone SPCs / HOCKY STICK / Island Survival / Drone A113 Campaign /Other Maps / Test Versions

Each of the above folders (line 4) would be collapsible, like your shared replays under achievements. You could also (line 2) choose to view maps like you can currently in a binary Folder View/ All Maps option. Can I get Thumbs Ups in the polls?
Vote Cardinals!
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