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Guides & Tips » Ultimate Guide to Uniwar » Go to message
I'm working on a comprehensive guide to Uniwar that gives tips to players of all skill levels. The intent is for this to be a single resource that contains nearly all information about the game including things that you "just have to know" through playing and asking around.

Please feel free to message me in game if you disagree with anything, think something could be improved, or even if you just found the guide helpful

Link to Guide: https://tinyurl.com/TheArtOfUniwar
Guides & Tips » Damage Formula and New Calculator » Go to message
Hey everyone,

I've been doing some experimenting to understand how damage is calculated and eventually got to a point where it wouldn't be too much additional work to create an entirely new calculator with some cool new functionality that I haven't seen in other calculators before.

Link here: The Art of Uniwar - Damage Calculator

This calculator includes:
1. A full tutorial walkthrough of the damage calculation.
2. A standard calculator that also accounts for RNG re-rolls.
3. A multi-hit calculator that lets you set up a series of 5 attackers on a single defender to see the combined attack probability distribution, also accounting for RNG re-rolls
4. Ability to edit unit stats to easily be able to create shareable custom race calculators

I would very much appreciate others taking a look and helping me test it out to ensure it's accurate compared to unicalc.github.io as there is a large room for error in putting something like this together.

If you find something doesn't calculate correctly or some other fix needs to be made, please send me a DM and I'll get that updated ASAP. I built this on a desktop computer and is also how I intend to use it myself, so I have no idea how it will look via mobile. Getting feedback on ways to make it more user friendly via mobile would also be appreciated.

If there are other features you would like to see added, please share those thoughts in this post for others to discuss as well!

General Discussion » Probably Damage Calculator seems bugged » Go to message
I didn't know how much bonus a buried underling gets so I wanted to do some testing. I went to the Four Neighbors map to play with a friend and I consistently get confusing things to happen in the damage calculator.

Scenario 1:

First game I made, I immediately built an underling and buried it in the center. Then placed a tank next to it, and this image is what I saw. I am clearly doing damage, but the calculator doesn't show anything on the tank. I did a couple more turns and every turn after that, whether buried or unburied, this is all I could see. I deleted the game (probably should have tested building a new unit first). After mentioning this in the chat, I went to see if I could recreate the problem but ran into different issues

Scenario 2:

In the second game, I did the same thing and this time I can see numbers, but either I got extremely lucky or those numbers on the tank aren't right. The unicalc damage calculator says I should have a 46% to do 2 damage and a 52% chance to do 3 damage from an underling re-surfacing on a mountain to a tank on normal terrain. Unicalc version seems more likely.

Scenario 3:

Still in the same game, I reset the RNG by hitting the marauder with the tank and tried using the underling to attack again and the numbers stayed the same as before and now I'm doing an impossible 3 damage according to the calculator.

So basically, all 3 test cases seem to be wrong or have errors. I've also noticed in games where sometimes gang up bonus is counted in the probabilities and sometimes it isn't, but don't have pictures of that at the moment. Is there something I'm missing?
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