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Hello Guys !!!

Some new Ideas from my side:


  • Grain fields: field which gives light unit +1/+1 and heavy units 0/-2. Movement is for light 3 for heavy 4. Basicly a small tree field something like that

  • Cities buldings: Basicly like tree field but 3 movement(instead of 4) for light units and unpassable by heavy units

  • Rivers: This one is hard to implement but i will mention it anyway. Fields that behave differently depending on which direction you are going. So if You are swimming with river stream u got 2 movement, when You just want to pass water its 3 movement and when u want to swim upstream its 4 movement.

  • New Special Units:

  • Spider: Shoot webs into units so that they have 0 mobility in enemy turn. def 0 light unit no attack power spell range 2-3. Might be very usefull in catching speeders, maruders, in dissabling helis and eclips etc.

  • Queen: Heavy unit 4 def 0 attack power. Every round or 2 create underling with 5 hp somewhere around her if its allowed. If she has 8hp underling has 4hp, 6:3 etc. Allows khalerian to create long range threat which if not eliminated might create a serious problem

  • Sapiens:
  • Medic: Basicly like enginer but 150g and heals only light units. Might have smoke grenade which bust def for 1 turn around medic. Allows for easier fight with infection and garudas

  • Comander: Bust attack of unit if it start it turn near commander. Might overal help with finishing off units. Possible some other ability like summoning 1 marine (parachute) or some small damage against single target (3hp to visible unit on map long cd)

  • Titans:
  • Recharger: units around it recharge faster teleport, uv(3x ratio or 2x). Might have ability like engineer emp(can be used after movement) so it will spice up titan vs titan. Allows Titan to get back faster on fight with his wounded troops

  • Force field generator: can give unit up to 5hp for 2 turns. Can not exceed maximum hp. Might help wounded troops to hit harder, will overal spice things up. Maybe some special ability like 1-2hp to all units in 3 range for 2 turns.

  • Just i thought that sharing it wont harm and why not, i know this ideas wont be implemented but i always like to know what u think so feel free to comment
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