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New Feature Request » The convergence; new race » Go to message
On the announcer unit, I don't think you will be able to make use of the awesome quadratic healing ability on a unit w a defense of 6 :/

I would rather see an upped cost and an upped defense. Maybe even 10 for defense. I would suggest making this a support unit, though, with no attack. Since it wouldn't be able to participate in gang up, you could leave the cost at 100 - or go even cheaper at 50-75, depending on the defense value you settle on... So let's say no attack, 75 cost, and you've got a moving ZoC with a solid healing ability.

Also, I think maybe the healing should start at 2 and increase by just 2/turn. If it gets whacked and then can only heal 1 the next turn, hard to imagine this guy living long enough to get to the big heal numbers.

More thoughts to come
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message
Hover tanks are very strong as is. I'm torn on if they need a cost reduction, since they can attack without retaliation due to their range. I would say leave them at 550...

And as for the tank hunter. I see what you're saying 100%, I proposes: increase mobility to 8, reduce cost to 625, reduce GL to 3. Keep every thing else. You mentioned that the hover tank wouldn't be able to get through plasma tanks. That's by design, more or less forcing the phasing player to use the tank hunter unit to break heavy armor. The hover tank is very good against all aerial units, even punishing swarmers. It doesn't have elite armor, so if anything to make this race stronger maybe the hover defense would need a bump up a notch or two? But then... The infantry is so elite, with a high defense... Maybe they would fill that role...

Oh I don't think I feel good about the mothership having a gun. I would prefer to reduce its cost of it were under powered.
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message
Looking at the orbs. I think you're right that they need something. They would get eaten alive by swarmers as is.

So I think instead of slow floating orbs, they should probably be quick, zipping balls of light.

Will bump mobility to 15. Reduce cost to 150. Reduce air and Aq attack to 5. Reduce defense to 4.
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message
Thanks for the questions here's my thoughts:

I think I would like this to be a race where the army is inter dependent on itself. Like each unit has a specific role, and you've gotta keep the right balance of roles to be successful.

Maybe an early game push with infantry and a ripper could be useful..

Mid game orbs and mothership push up to heal and work against K or S air stuffs.

Late game hover tanks followed by tank hunters, with some 'speeder' to get to artillery or support pieces

As for balance, I can definitely see what yore saying. But I don't want to underestimate how useful abilities can be, plus the rather high stats I've assigned. For instance:

For 75 less credits, on even terrain the infantry would be an Even -5/-5 or so with a marauder... And it has the ability to ignore ZoC. It also has no ZoC though, so I think a bump in mobility would be the best thing all things considered. So let's say we make it a mobility 12, and then we can test to see if it is broken or not

I gotta get some stuff done for now but I look forward to reviewing your suggestions

New Feature Request » The convergence; new race » Go to message
I like little green aliens
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message
I look at the game currently as

Saps - the shorter the game the better, benefit from mobility and aggressive maneuvers

Bugs - generally also pretty aggressive, depending heavily on map and matchup

Phase - require moderate build up , will need a varied army so they likely can't attack early. They don't have a great answer to an overly turtled Titan (no one does :p) so they want to get moving before too many walkers are on the board still

Titans - the longer a game goes, the Better off they are

So that's where I see them
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message
It doesn't convert. But it allows nearby units to repair at a decent rate

It also either or both:
Allows you to build units to press an attack
Has the repulsor shield for defense & or provides it to nearby units

I don't think the repulsor shield is TOO strong given that the attack would be halved , so that may discourage a walker or battery from hitting it somewhat, but a tank or helicopter isn't gonna care so much given their defense being higher than their base attack, let alone their attack halved

The cost is high given the abilities. If we took those away we could make it cheaper. The original version I had costed around 900
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message
Origin story:

Phasers back story

On the planet fobos, in a distant galaxy, existed a peaceful bipedal race. These 'people' were friendly, nurturing, and of a singular mind with their world. Fobos herself was a strong willed world, a champion breed amongst the heavens. She had vegetation from equator to poles, with succulent berries and tropical nectar enough for every man woman and child.

The inhabitants, again, were of one mind. They were peace loving, and excellent farmers and builders. They appreciate art and beauty, and strove to retain the elegance and splendor of their mother fobos. And so this symbiotic relationship was. Generation after generation.... Until at last the prophecy of earth was realized.

A child was born on the UniCalender day of February 17, 1000 years before the Uniwar began. This child, named Alone, was unlike anything the peoples of fobos had ever met. He was brilliant. In fact, those living on fobos were certain: he was the single most intelligent being they had ever met; possibly who had ever existed. Alone was also proud, and beautiful, and kind. He was a devout teacher, who shared greatly with those around him. But Alone was not like those who lived with peace and beauty and love in their hearts, sharing one mind with fobos. The Alone did not play well with the others. He did not share one consciousness, but instead held only his own thoughts, separate from the rest.

All the same, the people of fobos loved and adored Alone for all of the teachings he provided to them, the beautiful works he created with his hands and his mind. His parents beamed with pride seeing their son grow before them, brilliant and revered.

Alone's father, Xavier, had made it a point to try to teach Alone about love, and good and of evil. Alone listened as his father spoke, but, as it was always meant to be, did not heed these soft and wise words.

The elders of fobos knew this was a clear sign of the prophecy times. The brilliant, separate child would soon develop into a shrewd, calculative warrior who would lead the people of fobos into their first war.

The prophecy... states: The Alone, a leader with infinite vision, intellect, and poise, yet lacking wisdom, would stand leading the armies of fobos into certain victory. The enemy would be the bane of all existence.

As the elders contemplated the meaning, and the timing, and their plight, mother fobos sprung into action: berries and nectar sunk into the soil, replaced with deep caverns rich with ores. Deep veins of oil opened up near settlements, ripe for collection. Rolling hills lowered into flat plains, lined with high protein tofu plants, these large plains would soon be the site of new factories. Fobos knew the prophecy, and played her part.

The people moved singularly, enlightened by thousands of years of trust and compliance and truth. Painted wooden aqueducts were torn down, replaced with conveyer belts and loud oil engines. Scientists changed their works from advanced gardening techniques to fashioning the most volatile weapons of war they could imagine.

And The Alone? He, sat on a tall bluff and watched.

Alone had been told since as far back as he could remember that he was special. That he would fulfill a timeless prophecy. He was frightened. But proud. And so he planned.

Alone looked at the world around him, quickly it had changed from beauty to function, and in time, he thought, could even create the weapons it would need to face off against a star-faring foe.

But Alone, while lacking wisdom, had the intelligence to see that time was not on his people's side. If this war would come during his lifetime, then fobos and its people did not have the time to build the weapons necessary. Something drastic would need to be done, or else the people of fobos would be destroyed.

And so, The Alone set out to speak with fobos herself.

Alone, he wandered into the nearby quarry. Darkness all around, his vision failed him. Alone was forced to grope the sides of the cave, advancing at a mere crawl - fearful that a pitfall could lead to his - and his people's - untimely demise.

Alone made slow process. Repeatedly his hands and legs were sliced with razor sharp rocks. His life essence spilled onto the cave floor, creating small pools of light, enough only to cause despair to creep into the heart of Alone. As his heart sunk, fobos felt for a moment that the entire world went with him. It seemed that far off in the distance, the cave had closed off where he entered it. And that the caves themselves had lowered down into mother fobos.

Alone, defeated and weary, laid down on the razor sharp ore to rest. Sleep would not come easy, as sharp points all across his being sliced into him with the slightest of movements. But soon, Alone found himself at long last asleep.

When he awoke, The Alone found himself well rested, lying in a soft patch of grass with soft dirt underneath. Grateful, Alone thanked fobos.

She, in return, spoke to him, saying "after all of these years, at last we meet."

Startled, Alone jumped up to his feet and looked around. Still, there was nothing to be seen, but he could sense that... Something was close by.

Alone paused a moment and considered his options. He had come here to strike a bargain with fobos, to have fobos join him in his plan. But what if fobos refused? His plan was dangerous. And with no guarantee of success, he may soon find himself abandoned in the cave.. So, Alone decided to use his cleverness to leave fobos no choice.

"I don't know that we can call this a meeting, as I am unable to see you dear fobos."

Some time passed again, as apparently fobos now considered her options. Alone wondered if he had waited too long to respond? Or maybe he had imagined the voice..... He felt lost in the darkness.

And then, a light in the darkness appeared. Before Alone, wreathed in light and energy, stood the true Avatar of fobos.

"After all of THIS time, now we truly meet"

The words jumped like sparks off of the Avatar. Pure, unmitigated power. The eyes of the avatar burned like blue flames. If there was a body behind the wall of blinding light, Alone couldn't tell.

But it didn't matter. Alone knew what he had to do.

Innocently, Alone held out his hand towards the Avatar, and slowly stepped towards the burning entity. One step.. Two steps..

The Avatar blinked, it's head turning to the side somewhat, as if fobos herself was curiously watching this boy, trying not to laugh as he inched ever closer.

And then, like a spring uncoiling, The Alone charged forward. In the narrow corridor, the Avatar had no chance of avoiding the surprisingly quick young man, and so was forced to hold her ground. The last thought fobos would create came from her lips: "so the prophecy is truth..."

The Alone rushed into the very essence of fobos, his flesh and bones scorched with the power of the Avatar. Pain writhed through every nerve fiber in his body, Alone's mind screamed with torturous pain.

As he imagined, Alone's soul was captured within the Avatar. A shadow remained of fobos, but where love and beauty once thrived, now only purpose and duty remained.

Alone had sacrificed his body and his flesh for the power to create a machine of war worthy of any who dared approach the planet of fobos. Next, Alone set out to help the rest of his subjects to do the same.

King Alone, the Avatar of fobos, stalked out of the dark cave and to the nearest village. There he emitted such a blind light as to blind every last person in the village. The townsfolk wandered, blindly, frightened in their darkness. But The Alone was, cruelly, with them all along. One by one he grabbed the villagers, burning away their flesh and bones, leaving only a fraction of his energy and power for their soul to inhabit.

Many of those he converted existed as Orbitals, floating around him as he moved from town to town, harbingers of the people's impending doom. Those who succumbed to the process willingly were given enough energy and power to create a bipedal form, where the people could to some extent interact as they previously had.

As the people were joined to him physically, Alone gained physical command over his subjects, and soon he had raised a mighty army, intent on converting all of fobos to his cause.

Scyirs were chosen from those subjects who were most loyal. They would travel to the distant towns and preach to the people of their coming savior. They were each gifted special power from Alone, some even elevated with other Scyirs to join Alone as lesser Avatars.

The Alone came at last to his home village and his father Xavier, who looked upon him with grief and sadness, and awe. Xavier spoke
"I see that you have found the means to phase this race from its beautiful existence to one of power and persistence and strength. And you have done what needed to be done."

"Yes, father."
Electricity crackled all through the air.

"Then the prophecy is fulfilled. You will lead the armies of this planet to victory. Yet you are clearly the enemy and the bane of all life. I hope one day you will realize the failure of your ways, and return as my smart, brave young man."

The Alone smiled deeply, as he grasped his father's body in his hands - charring and melting his very essence.

Alone knew all along: this is not the story of the salvation of fobos, but it is the destruction of all life at the hands of his all powerful phasing race.
New Feature Request » New race idea (Phasing Race) *updated 2/25 » Go to message

Phasing Race

This is a race which appeared, suddenly, when a first, single warship warped onto the world. Brutally equipped phantasmal infantry surged into existence all around the warship, decimating an entire Khralean army in one fell swoop. Soon thereafter Phasing bases cropped up, with brutal machines tearing through the countryside.

This race is powerful, quick, and deadly, but they seem to frequently have fewer troops available - thankfully. Their soldiers and personnel are energy based life forms, able to phase in and out of most other life forms' perception.

The Phasers seem to have had a difficult time adapting to the terrain here on our world, and at times thrive in conditions that our own troops have great difficulty with. (This race's units gain a positive bonus from being on a swamp tile - perhaps from the energies emitted from the gasses within?? - maybe because those tiles are very connected to the planet ??- but overall they receive worse bonuses on tiles than other races. Forests in particular are a big problem for this race's infantry, as the trees create serious complications for their ability to phase back into reality.

This race is completely unable to repair itself without the aide of a mothership. (Unable to repair unless next to a mothership, even if there is a healing tile nearby).

Race Strengths:
- unit delivery (either via mobility, skills, or ignoring Zone of Control [ZoC])
- Strong, versatile units
- Specialized units
- Flexible play style (able to brick up AND swarm effectively.. Doesn't turtle as well as Titans or swarm as well as Bugs, but can do both)
Race weaknesses:
- unit cost.
- Vision.
- Lack of an intrinsic repair ability.
- Lack a cheap, strong infantry. Expensive infantry unable to protect via ZoC. Aerial infantry cheap but very low defense with no terrain bonuses to compensate.
- Lack a traditional artillery piece.
- Few armor cracking pieces

*** = concern / thought

Cost 125
Actions per turn: 2
Mobility 4
Vision 3
GL 4
GH 2
Aerial 3
Aq 4
Range 1
Defense 5

Charge *2 turn cool down: this unit gains 3 mobility this action. This unit gains +2 attack bonus this action.

"These strange pulsing orbs dart around the battlefield. "

Dark Swordsman
Ground light
Cost 175
Can capture bases
Mobility 9
Vision 3
GL 7
GH 4
Air 0
Aq 5
Range 1
Def 9
Special abilities:
This unit ignores ZoC for movement. This unit does not have a Zone of Control.

Charge *2 turn cool down: this unit gains 3 mobility this turn. This unit gains +2 attack bonus this turn.

(Think dark Templar from Starcraft)

Aerial / Support Unit
Cost 300
Mobility 9
Vision 4
GL n/a
GH n/a
Air n/a
Aq n/a
Range n/a
Def 6
Repair 2

This unit Flies.
This unit allows adjacent units to repair 3 health.

When this unit is attacked, the attacking unit is dealt 2 damage ("Repulsor shield")

Skill: 7 turn cool down: friendly Adjacent units gain "Repulsor shield" this turn. (Can not move And use skill same turn). -- A unit which moves or attacks after repulsor shield is granted via this ability loses the repulsor shield. Repulsor shields do not stack.

Cost 300
Mobility 17
Vision 4
GL 12
GH 4
Air 5
Aq 4
Range 1
Def 9
This unit ignores Zone of Control. (But it does have one)

Cost 550
Mobility 8
Vision 3
GL 7
GH 9
Air 8
Aq 9
Range 1-2
Def 10

This unit is designated GH, but is able to traverse water tiles. It is unable to cross mountain tiles or forest tiles.

Wraiths can be built at naval bases.

Tank Hunter
Cost 700
Mobility 9
Vision 3
GL 3
GH 12
Air n/a
Aq 12
Range 2
Def 6

Is able to move and attack in the same turn.
This unit can move after attack with a mobility of 9.

Can Capture bases
Cost 250
Vision: 4
Mobility 13
GL 8
GH 6
Air 5
Aq 5
Range 1
Def 10

Merge: when two Scyirs stand in adjacent hexes, one may use this ability to dissolve both Scyir units into one Avatar. The unit initiating the action will become the Avatar, with the other unit being removed from play. The Avatar can not move or attack this turn, but is able to defend normally.

Cost -
Vision: 1
Mobility 8
GL 9
GH 7
Air 3
Aq 10
Range 1
Def 13

Burning Prophecy: when the Avatar kills a GL unit, the killed unit is replaced with an Orbital unit under your command.

Charge: this unit gains 3 mobility this turn and +2 to attack this turn. *2 turn cool down.

"This large blinding wall of light stalks across the battlefield, blinding all those foolish enough to look in its direction. Overhwhelming power courses through the essence of this being. It is clear that the Avatars control the phasing race - and that they have the strength to end the Uniwar once and for all. As soon as our sapien scientists find a way to look upon the Avatar, we will try to describe the physical composition in more detail - for now just know that we are all in grave danger. " - engineer report of the first Avatar sighting, transmitted electronically prior to extermination of a Sapien stronghold.


The Alone
Cost: 1500
Vision: *
GL: 50
GH: 0
Air: 0
Aq: 0
Range 1-2
Defense: 15
Actions per turn: 1
Attack and move same turn? Yes.

The Alone removes the fog of war, so long as he is in play. Buried units become visible to the Phaser player.

When The Alone kills a unit, it is replaced with a Scyir unit under your control.

Special ability: Tractor beam: range 1-3: target GH, air or Aq unit is moved 1-3 spaces and placed in any valid hex. May target friendly units or enemy units. Colossal units can not be moved by This ability.

Standing Alone: 5 turn Cooldown: ALL units within 2 hexes are dealt 5 damage. Each unit killed this way is replaced with an orbital unit under your control. The Alone is dealt one damage point. The Alone suffers EMP at the conclusion of using this ability. Colossal units are not affected by this ability.

"The bane of all existence" - prophecy of fobos.
New Feature Request » Possible Race Idea (Enyalios) » Go to message
Or give the screacher a medium defense and good GH attack and crap everything else and just make it a tank hunter... :p
New Feature Request » Possible Race Idea (Enyalios) » Go to message
Hah so the next thing I read is the air unit w ignore ZoC of course :p

Your air unit seems OP to me. Stats like a helicopter, plus that ability, for 450. Well maybe not op maybe just too cheap IMO

likewise I don't see why the screacher costs 650?

I would like to see either:
Have it have a defined role such as two attacks or move and attack same turn (lower attack strength to compensate)
Make it a long range unit disabling device (range 2-5 let's say) .. It can shoot a non damaging shot at anything in its range that acts like a 1 turn EMP but does no damage. Keep the cost at 650, and it can make a walker (IF it gets the first attack). Otherwise it can disable a plasma. Getting the unit cost and defense and mobility right for this idea would be critical ofc

New Feature Request » Possible Race Idea (Enyalios) » Go to message
For the striker, I have an idea that may make both of you happy:

Have it ignore ZoC.

Assuming it is a high mobility unit such as a speeder, this would allow it to be a very good piece for taking out support units of any type, but also walkers.

I think to compensate for this awesome ability you would want it's overall stats to probably be closer to marauder than the speeder, though?

I was also thinking for the infantry, would it make sense to increase their cost to say, 150, and allow them to jet pack and attack in the same turn? This would allow for a lot of "fun" shenanigans with this unit, and having increased cost sets them apart from other infantry in important way

I also don't see why the medic costs 250... The ability to jet pack into range quickly is important..... Would it also have the abilities listed above to steal K and S units? Or does it just heal?
General Discussion » Cheating in the game » Go to message
Personally, I think you would see this go away entirely with a more advanced "undo" function. I can't tell you how many times I accidentally hit the wrong button (stay instead of capture) or mistakenly click on a unit while trying to scroll the map and end up moving a unit.

I think two things should occur, personally:
1) expand undo button, so that you can undo two actions in a row... Plus you should still be able to undo after 'taking your hand off the piece' and after attacking.
2) then, once that is available, start suspending people who abuse the ability to completely redo a turn.

Ofc that's just my opinion. I def use this glitch now in ranked games, which works as a good learning tool if nothing else. But I don't go through a day without needing it because of a 'legitimate' error that undo doesn't help with.
General Discussion » Broken Ranked maps » Go to message
I did take a look over there. Kinda figure general discussion is likely to get more traffic. I am definitely happy to have more maps added to this list. And I don't believe myself to be the definitive authority by any means, I just hope at some point the person(s) who are will review these maps

So I'm still working on beach tiles, the big need will be team maps or the regular tiles.... But eventually i will get to both I imagine
General Discussion » Broken Ranked maps » Go to message
Thank you for the thoughtful reply

If Sims version of havoc is better, then can't we get rid of the old version? I'm not suggesting we get rid of both, just the "worse" one.

Literally two tiles changed out of what, 300? Seems like that doesn't warrant an extra ranked map to me.

If you think it does then I would be fine w that honestly. It's a much smaller problem than the broken maps.

And I don't personally think that a pro mirror is a good excuse to have broken ranked maps...
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