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playing on PC or browser
Surrender without a loss?
How to purcha in chinaļ¼Ÿ
New Game Mode
Scout73 for Moderator
How to read the end of game graph?
Ability to change what number player you are in multiplayer
New ways to get or earn Uni-coins
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Map Starting Credits in War Report
"Created Map" collapsible Folders
What about add a roulette to decide the strong/weak attack?
Condemnation of Mortals
Invasion of Privacy
Bug? Or cheat?
Bug? Or cheating? Any body can tell?
Gang Up Bonus explanation needed.
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Uniwar crashes on MacBook with M1 chip
Bug Report - April 9, 2021
Problem with latest update
Balance changes
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How to play uniwar on a PC
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Khral vs. Khral - How to stop Swarmer spam?
Khraleans. Youre favorite khralena unit and why
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Lost ability to undo turn today
Bltz tournament round time bug
Unrealistic battery damage
Unrealistic battery damage
Feature requests/suggestions
Friendly Forrest47323
Attack system modification suggestion
What about add some information in the final statistics?
<1700 Tournament
You should fake real players with bots
About draw
Draw game ?
Small font size after update
Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins
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Peace offering not requested
Number-capped, low-cost, gap-filler unit concept.
Combating Blaster Units
Uniwar Discord
Experiment X: Exodus of the Khraleans
Cartographer's Challenge
How does each race compare on each tile type
SPC: All about #ZOMBIE
Expiring Finished Games Rewards?
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