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Bug Reports » Cannot create rated game » Go to message
You're playing against bots and trying to farm ratings points. Play against real people in rated games and learn how to play well. You'll enjoy that more.
Sapiens » Helicopters Vs Titans » Go to message
I would spend less money getting tanks, which prove more useful against Titans.

In forested maps, like Jungle, marines reap since they get a bonus and heavy units get nerfed in forests. And engineers prevent Titans from spamming mechas likewise.

There are cheaper, more effective alternatives to helis. Remember, you're not playing the AI offline. The AI is predictable and advances haphazardly. Even the hard AI is manageable once you learn to take advantage of its weaknesses.

Even if the mouse is more clever than the cat, the cat is built to hunt. Likewise, against most human Titan players one or two helicopters, even used cleverly, will not outperform those eclipses, which have a range bonus also.
Sapiens » Beating Titans » Go to message
Yup. It's all about timing. Just like in chess. Attack too quickly and you don't have anything to back up your advance with. Wait too long and they have a fancy defense and are ready to advance their pawns to your side to break up everything you've wasted time on...
Guides & Tips » cheat! players can see buried units! » Go to message
Yeah, the terrain helps them tremendously. If they're in a forest next to a heavy unit, they recieve the sneak attack bonus, the terrain bonus, and the heavy unit loses defense. Triple good stuff.

Sometimes I also use bury to get a dying unit out of the fight, to heal and fight another turn. Though usually that never comes because they heal slowly. It's probably best to just let them die and distract the enemy from your larger units.
Guides & Tips » Team / Buddy System » Go to message
I'm pretty sure you can invite people to games.

When you create a game, find the "player" (color) you want your friend to play, then scroll through the list of options. You can keep it open to anyone, have a bot play in that place, invite any player, or invite a friend.

If you're friends on UniWar it helps.
Khraleans » Anyone use plague? » Go to message
But to kill a heli with Khralean units, do I just spam swarmers and garudas, then? Khrals have flying units but suck at killing flying units. Wyrms are good for that, though, I guess.
General Discussion » Create you're ultimate army (Just for fun) » Go to message

Ac tually, if I had all the Khralean units, but plus the Eclipse, I'd be unstopable.
Khraleans » Anyone use plague? » Go to message
I agree that the tanks and battery are dumb, but the helicopter is still powerful, even if it only repairs one per turn. The plague cancels it out, so the threat is basically neutralized.

The marine is the best basic unit, stat-wise. It doesn't have a special abilty like the other two do, so it's not the best in my opinion. I think it would be interesting to see it get a special ability, though I cannot imagine what it would be, nor do I neccessarily want to find out.
Khraleans » Khraleans. Youre favorite khralena unit and why » Go to message
Considering they're 200 credits less and can move and shoot on the same turn, AND defend themselves, although are not the best at it, I'd say that trumps the Walker. It's ability to move then shoot cancels out the smaller range in many cases.
New Feature Request » Speed chess (Uniwar) » Go to message
I think it would be cool to have a setting on a game where it's like speed chess. Where each player has, say, an hour to make all their moves. Not necessarily a timer (like when you skip people because they're at zero), but I don't know how they would co-exist.

What I imagine, though, is that when it's your turn, the speed timer has not started until you click on the game. A message pops up, blanking all the screen and battlefield until you confirm you want to start your turn. That's when the tiemr starts. You have to take a look around and take all your moves, then end your turn. Then your speed timer stops and stays where it was when you stopped.

Does anybody think this would work? Or should we just stick with ten minute games?
General Discussion » Kicked out?! » Go to message
radrx, I have no idea why it happened like that. Who were you playing? I want to beat him up now. And asdf.
General Discussion » Kicked out?! » Go to message
asdf, THREE MINUTE GAMES! All I could do would be to wait until the person is offline, then start the game and skip his turn until I win the game. There you go. I just got points and hardly tried at all. I like to play 24 hour games, because then you can get on whenever your sleep/work cycle allows you too, regardless of your time zone or whatever.

Unrated games with three minutes? Fine. As long as both players are present. It'd be like playing speed chess (save for there being no timer stopper whatever, although I think that would be a good idea for this game, maybe) and would be very intense and lots of fun.

But not on rated games where it would be easy to win with your opponent being offline a half-hour. That's simply cheating. Even in unrated games, because that's playing dirty. That's not playing, period. That's just you moving and the other guy sitting there. Is that fun?
Khraleans » Khraleans. Youre favorite khralena unit and why » Go to message

Yeah. I agree with lawhawk. The wyrm is the best artillery unit in the game. The underling is the best basic unit, even though it cannot attack air units. It's spy technique and resurface bonus makes it the best.

The garuda isn't the best unit, but it heals at two, so it can take a hit.

The infector is by far the best engineer unit, of course. A little expensive, though.

The swarmers are jokes, but I guess they work when you spam them. I don't ever use them.

I voted for Pinzers.
Khraleans » Anyone use plague? » Go to message
The forum is called plague bombing, I think. nfong, are you gonna be a khralean player now? We'd love you have you in our camp for when the wars start.
Khraleans » Defeated opponent has buried unit » Go to message
If he had no above-ground units and no bases, but had a buried unit, you would have won. If he resurfaced his unit, it would count as an above-ground unit and would still be in the game.
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