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Messages posted by: rwieczor84
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Tournaments » Problem with registration » Go to message
There are 2 seats left out of 256.
did you tried via website?
General Discussion » Ladder reset » Go to message
Tourney will be ranked in Solo Championship ladder.
Now there is only Solo ladder.
Later on there will be also Solo Pro ladder.
Check this topic:
New Feature Request » The Uniwar League » Go to message
great idea! i like it very much
it's like in sport - few divisions, and the highest is league for champion
New Feature Request » Detailed statistics » Go to message
very good idea, but now priority is new ladder, new units and team tournaments.
Bug Reports » version 1.8.9 double push issue » Go to message
i have the same problems.

Sony Xperia M2.
Tournaments » Maps for tournaments » Go to message
From last tourneys this maps was in my opinion bad:
Champ. June - Uniwar Skirmish V4 - i hadn't play it but i thing that both bases are located in Khral favor.
Champ. April - HavocPitTourney - unbalanced.
Infected - Dark Forest - very long distance between both players and river. Not good choice.

I think it's not bad idea to take good and fair maps from past tourney and play them again in next tourneys.
General Discussion » Units Simply Disappear » Go to message
  WhamaJama wrote:It seems to happen immediately after capturing a base. A marine or engineering unit moves to a base, captures it. The next turn, it disappears. The base will have moved its allegiance over to the other side, but the unit is gone. I have scoured the FAQs and game description but I can find no reference to a cost of capturing a base being the loss of a unit. Am I just ignorant of the rules or is this a bug?

it's not a bug, everything is ok
General Discussion » Units Simply Disappear » Go to message
I had never seen something like that.
New Feature Request » With the latest version, Bases need more vision. » Go to message
Yes Starryblink is correct, it makes more advantage between new players and old ones which knows how to reset turn.
Tournaments » In-game tourney feature » Go to message
blue player always starts the game.
When game ends automatically after blues move red have one round less to play.

Game should always ends after reds move.

My idea is: After reaching timeout 0:00 for tourney round game checks:
1) If it is reds time to play he could have time to make his last move
2) If it is blues time to play it means that both players made the same number of rounds.
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
my votes: 1.1 , 2.2 , 3.2 , 4.1
Bug Reports » In Replays, Screencenters don't follow the performing units. » Go to message
I have noticed the same bug.
Tournaments » Monthly Championship April 2015 » Go to message
Why 5 round is automatically extended?
In game tournament says that it should be next round already
Bug Reports » Chat bugs in Uniwar Amazon version 1.7.7 » Go to message
Is there any way to fix the time of new message in chat?
Now is just an hour before text.
While playing 8 players team game sometime you don't know if old message was posted 1 day later, 1 week or is just recent.
Changing hour of post on date or information when post was send (ie. 2 days ago) would be very hopefull.
New Feature Request » With the latest version, Bases need more vision. » Go to message
good point!
3 hex Vision would be ideally
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