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New Feature Request » Observer Mode » Go to message
Would it be possible to add a slot or multiple slots to invite observers? They would be able to see the entire map without fog of war. Replay of last turn would be nice as well. I have some friends that play the game and I think it would be cool to be able to observe their games.

Bug Reports » Password Security » Go to message
This is only an issue for people that use the same device, which are few and far between. Also, it will be your friend, so I would hope he wouldn't abuse your account.
Bug Reports » Random attack factors are very annoying and dont work right » Go to message
Currently the randomness is per turn, rather than per attack. This can greatly hurt/help you on a given turn. They have recently been made aware of this and I assume we will see the fix in the next release.

RTS/TBS war/fighting games have always had a random factor and I believe it is needed.
New Feature Request » Improvements to "Undo" » Go to message
Yeah, but that's annoying and also doesn't solve the issue if you happen to tap the wrong action. Burying an underling by accident when you want to move it during a critical time could prevent you from gaining an advantage and/or cost you the game.
New Feature Request » Button for the next unit / base » Go to message
This could be useful if you are khraleans and have a lot of buried underlings. It can sometimes be hard to follow which ones you've moved if a bunch of them are under other units. It might also be helpful to some on large maps, if you have a unit off the screen you forgot about.
Bug Reports » Continually Skipping Turn » Go to message
Are you by chance titans and your opponent sapiens? If so, the other player could be using EMP to keep your units from being able to move and if your bases are covered, you can't build any units. This will result in you not having any available actions. Just a thought.
General Discussion » How does veterancy/experience work? » Go to message
I'm not sure exactly how it works, but it definitely seems to be related to unit cost/ability. The tougher the unit is to kill, the more experience you get for it. If someone knows exactly what the formula is, that would be interesting. But to be honest, this hasn't been that big of a factor in the games I've played.

It does cap at 12 though, so you can only increase the units level twice.
Bug Reports » Adding friend who doesn't exist » Go to message
Well, he still shows up in my friend drop down when I'm setting up a new game, that seems to go against your reasoning. But either way, it would be nice to be able to somehow remove him/them.

And I know that it isn't my friend, that's why I don't want him on my friends list :p.

New Feature Request » Improvements to "Undo" » Go to message
There are many times where I want to move my unit close to or under the unit action menu that pops up. Sometimes I will try to select a hex near the menu and will accidentally select something like "repair" or "bury" and then I can't undo my turn. This happened on my first turn of Marshes the other day and I ended up not capturing my 2nd base until round 3. I will also sometimes make the wrong selection from the action menu and not be able to undo that action.

Can you please allow undo of all actions?

New Feature Request » Manage Friends List, Better Map Selection » Go to message
Have had the game less than a month, but it has been there since I started.
Technical Support Questions » 6 new games started without me starting them? » Go to message
Under "Headquarters" -> "My Account", do you have "Available to random games": set to "Yes"? If so, you will join random games when someone close to you selects "Start Random Game".
New Feature Request » re-engineering the EMP » Go to message
You can't only take into account Sapien vs. Titan when talking about changes. If you simply increase the cost of the Engineer, in a Sapien vs. Khralean matchup, you now have an engineer that can only heal x2 that costs as much or more than a unit that can heal 3x and convert your infantry. So I would suggest that any changes made to EMP simply affect EMP and no other aspects of the Engineer.
New Feature Request » Manage Friends List, Better Map Selection » Go to message
Go to "Headquarters" -> "My Friends". Tap on any of your friends and you can "Create Game", "View Profile" or "Remove Friend".

Technical Support Questions » Notification bug? » Go to message
Do you have notifications on? If not, you only get an email when you host a game and everyone else has joined, not when you join a game.

Did you pay attention to the time limit? If it was 3 minutes, it would take <10 minutes away from your phone/touch for the person to start the game, skip you a couple times and win the game.
General Discussion » What turn duration do you prefer and why?? » Go to message
1 day, so I can live my life and not obsess about the game 24/7. I still often take my turns within a few minutes if the other person is active as well, but I don't need to stay glued to the phone. A 10 minute game that lasts 20 rounds where each side takes 5 minutes per turn would have you next to your phone for over 3 hours. No thanks. You do something else during hte game (like go to sleep, out to eat, out with friends, to a game, to a movie, etc.) and they can easily skip you 3 times and get a cheap win.
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