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New Feature Request » Completely remove 3 min games / Add better filtering » Go to message
I can't say how frustrating it is with how many games are active currently, but I would kill for a way to filter out/for only specific length games. Maybe some kind of check box? I don't mind joining 1 and 3 day and occasionally 12h games, but anything else feels like it's just a trap.
General Discussion » "Higher end players": What makes a map a must-join for you? » Go to message
I won't claim to be a hugely great player at UniWar. I've only just recently broken 2k rating, but my officemate (who I usually play 2's with) and I were discussing how we see different maps fall in and out of popularity. What are the maps that you see when joining games that you instantly jump on? What ones do you avoid?

Without giving away too many secrets, I'd just like to better understand what people in this bracket are playing most.
General Discussion » Surrendering Etiquette » Go to message
I have to admit it gets frustrating when someone leaves the game on the 2nd turn if my friend and I play a few specific maps.

That and people who just stop taking their turn in 3v3 maps once they know they're going to lose. That's probably the most irritating, though it does suck to lose 20-25 points.
General Discussion » Crazy what happened here? » Go to message
Hmm, go figure. I knew something was fishy lately.

/sigh @ bees doing 7 damage to my infantry in the mountains.
General Discussion » What other phones support Uniwar » Go to message
Any Android platform phone will currently be able to play UniWar.

Few that I know of:

Motorola Droid/Sholes
Motorola Cliq
HTC G1/Dream
HTC Magic
HTC Hero/Droid Eris

Those are the ones I can think of offhand that currently run the Android OS.
New Feature Request » Potential New Feature: Cancel and REDO Turn » Go to message
I've been sitting on this topic for a while now, making sure that I didn't just post the first thing that came to my mind, which I might later regret. Since then I've had some time to cool down a bit, but want to convey my thoughts, as someone who has purchased three copies of the game now. (ipod, friend's phone, Android)

While I love this game to pieces, and it's easily the most played application on my ipod, I fear the idea of microtransactions making their way into this game. I'll try to break these down for you all.

My first concern is that it really does destroy the integrity of the game. No longer are you facing people who are forced to think through each and every move, but who is willing to make a risky move, and when it doesn't pay off, they reset and go the safe route. I'm parroting the other players who have said this, but yes, it does need to be said on my part as well.

Secondly, I question why a decision such as this would be made instead of adding more content. It feels like instead of providing a better end user experience, the powers that be would rather make an extra buck with as litte work as possible. It's disheartening because I know that the people who really love this game are better than that. You've worked to better balance the game, to really make things better for the end user.

Lastly is really something that may be seen as "selfish" from an end user point of view. There have been posts mentioning that this game will be coming to j2me and posibly even Facebook. Knowing this, the only logical thing that can be done with the iphone application is that it's made a free app with microtransactions instead of a paid app.

I may be one of the only people who may feel slighted by these type of actions, what happens to the people that have paid for this application? Are we told "thanks for the money, how about spending some more for a slight advantage?"

This same type of thing happened with several other applications, and each and every one of them I've deleted from my device and been frustrated that there was no recourse for the money I'd spent for an application that had drastically changed. Apple doesn't allow a customer to file for any kind of reimbursement if major changes are made to an application.

In the end, you might see a small bump in the income you see regularly, but I can guarantee that the most passionate players will at best lose interest, and at worst they will make a stink about what has happened. There is a saying that someone who is happy with a product will tell one or two people about their experience, where someone who has a bad experience will tell the world. I think this holds true in this situation. I've said nothing but positive remarks about UniWar, and ended up with 4 friends who purchased the game.

I hope that wiser heads prevail and maintain the integrity of this game. If there is a dire need for income, listen to the players and add content, add a random map generator, anything aside fleecing the end users for a quick buck.
General Discussion » Change Proposal for the Ratings » Go to message
  The Dogalyst wrote:By playing two or more colors on the same team, you essentially get perfect team coordination. Absolutely unfair.

I believe I need to have someone explain how this is unfair when you can play alongside another player and have it be fair. As I've stated so many times before, but it seems people just ignore the fact that friends often times play games together.

Top this with the fact that the Apple and Android devices easily facilitate communication through many means, and you still have the ability to quickly communicate on a regular basis. (read: whenever you are taking turns)

With a 24 hour timer on games, it's easy for us to only play during the 8 hours we're hanging out at work and then come back the next day. On the weekends I can throw him a quick SMS and let him know what I'm thinking, or ring him up on the cell or ping him on Vent.

All of these don't break any rules, but by your definitions, we're essentially playing "unfairly."

Would I be correct in that understanding?
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Android Version of UniWar: requests » Go to message
  mathiastck wrote: This game belongs on the Android Market.

It is on the Android Market currently. I'm playing it on my Hero as I type this. I feel like it's "ok" but not as smooth as on the iphone.

I often times find myself turning on my wifi tether and playing from my ipod touch instead of my Hero.
General Discussion » Online Code of Conduct - The UniWar "Constitution" » Go to message
  The Dogalyst wrote:By playing two or more colors on the same team, you essentially get perfect team coordination. Absolutely unfair.

So by that thinking, it's unfair that my officemate and I play alongside one another? We can communicate over chat (which we do while not at work) or by SMS if urgent. It's essentially the same as having two people playing the same team, and in some instances it could be even harder to defeat two people who can communicate very freely.

You can't really go through and ban friends who are playing with one another though.
Bug Reports » Black screen on exiting in-game chat » Go to message
  Star Driven wrote: Reinstalling does nothing, I've seen it occasionally and I believe it's just a bug.

I'll direct you to this original comment:

  soupnet wrote:The game has been upgraded twice but I have never tried deleting it and reinstalling.

So they have never attempted to reinstall. I've known several applications which spontaneously have files become corrupt, which very likely could have happened in this case.

I'm unsure of why exactly you would dismiss a standard troubleshooting step for anything technology related, and considering it takes all of 5 minutes, if anything it's 5 minutes wasted and knowledge gained that there likely isn't something wrong with the install, but elsewhere on the phone.
Bug Reports » Black screen on exiting in-game chat » Go to message
So..... what's keeping you from reinstalling exactly?
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Android Version of UniWar: requests » Go to message
Since I got my HTC Hero yesterday, one of the first applications that I installed after rooting my phone was UniWar. Here are my first thoughts of this release:

- Landscape lockscreen. Not sure why this isn't in the released Android version.
- Sounds seem "out of place" in comparison to iDevice version.
- Optimization
- When typing, populate the virtual keyboard automatically

Considering I'm a very harsh critic, these were the few things that stood out most to me coming from playing the iDevice version. I think that strangest thing that I had noticed was that even after using TaskManager to close all of the random apps that are running in the background, I was still getting extremely laggy gameplay.

If I may ask, what devices did you optimize UniWar for? I understand that the Sense UI on the Hero requires some extra memory, but it just feels unusable at times. I'm close to regretting this purchase, as I can still tether my iPod Touch to the phone, but I so desperately want this game to be a success on the Android.
General Discussion » Thoughts about titans » Go to message
  brainiac wrote: you really don't have a plasma tank vs pinzer in open field very often. its more likely they are backed by their support unit in in which case pinzer healing 6 dominates the plasma.
the main use of plasmas is on defense - that is, to stop enemy units from getting through while u sit there with a walker or two and a dozen or so mechas as a cushion.

General Discussion » Online Code of Conduct - The UniWar "Constitution" » Go to message
I think that I can understand the intent behind the code of conduct, but honestly I will likely be playing from multiple devices since I have the game currently installed on my ipt and iphone, and come Monday, I will have it installed on my new HTC Hero as well.

I use a wireless tether while at work since my iphone only gets 3G service when sitting on top of my bookshelf and tether my ipt for internet access and play from there.
Technical Support Questions » RNG = not so random....? (Other questions inside) » Go to message
Continued from first post....

This was the moment we had an idea to test the theory of the RNG in the game to see what results could be made. I won't go into details on how it was done (for the sake of the game) but we attempted the same attack strategy each time the turn was reset, and the same damage was done every single time. The conclusion was that the RNG really isn't such a thing. To me, there was no conceivable way that those particular damage rolls could have played out over and over without any variation. The logical conclusion is that something is in place that somehow creates the damage rolls for each possible attack combination when the turn is initiated and not when the attack is actually made with the unit.

Is this currently the case with UniWar? It seems strange that this type of device would be used to calculate possible attacks. While I understand that there is IP involved, and discussion of such in the open without any NDA is bad juju, I hope that you can help the end users understand how the attacks are planned out. Is there really no RNG except an algorithm that blurts out some numbers at the beginning of a turn?

We understood that we are putting our ability to continue playing in jeopardy, but hope that there can be a bit of leniency considering we have no intentions of ever going any further with this testing. It's been a purely academic experiment which brought up a lot of questions.


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