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Messages posted by: keymaster2
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General Discussion » Skipping players in tournaments » Go to message
once i skipped someones turn and it allowed me to get rid of a plasma tank and a mecha which meant they had nothing to protect other units they may play near my units
General Discussion » Skipping players in tournaments » Go to message
i skip enemies when they don't play because people skip me.the players should play on time and most of the time it helps as most of the time i am losing to the player i skip
General Discussion » Counter-queued almost every game » Go to message
no they have advantages over each other but it depends on the skill level of the players
Sapiens » The strongest Sapien unit » Go to message
helicopter have high armour and are very useful agaist khrals
Khraleans » Anyone use plague? » Go to message
yes i use it. depending on the enemies skills, it varies how they deal with it .plague is a good thing to weaken sapien armies
Khraleans » General Khralean Tips (Submit Your Own!) » Go to message
for against sapiens use salamders.when the enemy creates lots of marines and marauders they constantly need to be healed
Khraleans » Khraleans. Youre favorite khralena unit and why » Go to message
i voted garudas because they are very useful with high mobility.they are also strong against swarmers.i would chose salamder if it was a choice though
General Discussion » The Random Damage Factor » Go to message
i don't really think it makes a difference.sometimes it turning out low damage for the opponent works
General Discussion » UniWar community needs support! » Go to message
i don't think uniwar is 'dead'. there are a few games i am currently playing where people chat.
Titans » Vs kralien on small map » Go to message
i am currently playing as a khral vs a titan and they have used plasma tanks.I think you need an assimilator to repair plasma tanks 2 as my 2 pinzers are smasing the plasma tanks as they repair 2.The opponent has 3 tanks as a build a wrym.The opponent doesn't use speeders as my pinzers are next to both the bases.so speeders aren't always an option.
Titans » Eclipse: When & when not to Teleport...? » Go to message
in a 3v3 match i'm currently playing the enemy teleported 2 mechas to support the weakened sapien player i used salamders against.as long as they were protected you could do that with an eclipse
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
to be honest,helicopters are the only unit that is actually good for a sapien.a marauder is useless against a garuda. so it should keep its armour. interestingly 2 walkers can't beat a heli but 2 helis beat a walker.
Khraleans » Plague » Go to message
i think they're fine as they are.UV is the worst ability as it can only take 1 point from sapiens and khraleans while plague takes 1 point for sapiens each turn and EMP disables units so they can't attack so it wouldn't be fair for UV not to kill with UV.plus plague ruins sapiens anyway and a plague buff would make it worse for them
Khraleans » New KvK Meta » Go to message
how about a spider creature for meta?
Khraleans » When does Plague do damage, and spread » Go to message
also the infector can cure plague on your infected marines if you're the khrealean army
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