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How to make the uniwar.com website better » UNIWAR 2 » Go to message
Thanks Kralux for the update; after a few months absence, I will definitely reenter the game as soon as those new maps are out!
How to make the uniwar.com website better » UNIWAR 2 » Go to message
My last information was that there should be a Uniwar 2 coming sometime this year. I think the community would really appreciate some recent info on this from the devs. After all it has been a few months since the last update. Whenever we don't hear much from them it usually means they're working hard on something.

So, is it UW2 you're working on? Any details? Screenshots? Please keep the community updated or nobody will remember Uniwar when the sequel comes out!
Frequently Asked Questions » help, map editor » Go to message

or wait for an update that includes a map editor, it may or may not come in the next few months.

happy new year to you too!
New Feature Request » Potential New Feature: Cancel and REDO Turn » Go to message
As some people (including myself) mentioned earlier on this forum, there is definitely willingness to spend money in order to keep this game alive. Possibilities included map purchase, the ability to exceed 25 games at a time and so on.

BUT: From my point of view a purchase should not in any way benefit the buyer in a game against non-buyers. That just seems unfair and frustrating. If you loose a game thinking that you may have won if it wasn't for the money you're not going to keep on playing.
So that's a definitive !please don't! from my side.
New Feature Request » Allow one player to take multiple armies on the same account » Go to message
It seems like a simple idea but I agree that it has a lot of potential!

It could also solve the problem on the maps where some slots are clearly better than others. So on Fullplanet each player would choose one "good" colour (red, blue, green and yellow) and one "bad" color (others).

And it would facilitate real wars of races; eg my four Khral armies against my opponent's four Titan armies. I'd really like to try that!
User Generated Maps » Full Naval [8 Players] » Go to message
You're right that the distance between your base and the opponent's naval base is not the same for everyone; I just couldn't find a way to balance that. Maybe swap the naval base with its adjacent mountain? That way it would be easier to defend the naval base.
And about your other comment, I just thought about replacing the mountains on the "inner side of the outer rim" (do i make myself clear? =S) with plain tiles.

Unfortunately my license for the editor has expired so I can't update the map anymore. But thanks for the feedback!
User Generated Maps » Rattlesnake [2 Players] » Go to message
I fully agree Kralux, in my opinion it would be best to leave the two middle bases open with a unit near them. I'm submitting my maps today, of course you guys are free to change them in any way you think makes more sense =)
User Generated Maps » Bullrun [2 Players] » Go to message
Here I would prefer to play the naval version. Although I'd like to see the mountains range until both edges, so that naval units would not have control over the whole battlefield but only over the lower part of it.
User Generated Maps » Rocky Waters [2 Players] » Go to message
Titans would be almost impossible to beat on this map. Maybe you could try to resize it a little. I like that the harbors are very centric, so they would be under constant attack. But no one would dare to produce anything else than naval units anymore...
User Generated Maps » Star Island [6 player] » Go to message
I'm not really sure which race I'd choose for this map, in other words: It looks very well balanced!
User Generated Maps » Rattlesnake [2 Players] » Go to message
The aim for this one was to create a map where taking an opponent's base does not automatically result in victory. I hope there could be some back and forth on this map. As you would only get 25 credits/base/turn, you would have bases worth 200 credits at the beginning. So even if you take 4 of the 6 middle bases, the credit ratio would only be 300 to 250 and the other player would still have a chance for a comeback.

A problem could be titan mecha spam in the beginning, so starting credits would be very little. Maybe 200 credits and one unit?

User Generated Maps » Barite Rose [4 Players] » Go to message
Nothing fancy, just a small, basic 4 players map. I think it could also work for 2 players.

200 credits / base / turn.

User Generated Maps » Shuriken [6 Player Map] » Go to message
Great map; I'd love to play this one!

As I mentioned on my "Full Naval", I personally like naval battles, but for this map I'd also tend towards the non-naval version. Maybe you could replace the most outer rim with black space instead of water. Like this, swarmers could attack titans without them having a chance to fire back (except with walkers which I doubt would be realistic on this map).
User Generated Maps » Full Naval [8 Players] » Go to message

Now I see why there are so few 8 player maps - it's pretty hard to create eight balanced starting points using hexagonal tiles.

I tried to implement aquatic units in a "full planet"-like environment. I like playing on maps with naval units, the disadvantage is that it rapidly gets focused only on the naval units. I tried to avoid that by giving importance to the middle; the land fight would be independent from the naval battle on the outer rim.
Players would start with one base and two-three infantry. 200 credits/turn would make sense I think.

What do you guys think, is that map playable?

User Generated Maps » Narrow River [2 player] » Go to message

I like the narrow river; please find here my first map; I was about to upload it when I saw yours. Not very surprisingly I had already called it "Narrow Desert".

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