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New Feature Request » Add game option to restart a turn » Go to message
Whoa, this actually exists in the game right now? How about we fix that ASAP please? Pretty game breaking bug, even if it is annoying to do very often. And please for the love of God don't make this a game feature!
General Discussion » Skipping etiquette » Go to message
I do if it is an early turn that wont determine the match, or late turn in which we are just building armies. Anything else is a judgement call. You are basically ruining the match, so if it was a crappy one anyway or you were sure to win than I will most likely skip. If it is a fun game which can go either way I will wait.
New Feature Request » OLD POST - Six New Units To Be Created. We Need Your Ideas! » Go to message
I haven't read through all these ideas yet, but i thought i would add my opinions. I have borrowed from others obviously

If only 1 unit per race is being added, i definitely think it should be 1st and foremost used to address the imbalances in matchups that currently exist (sap>khral>titan>sap).

If flying units is the way to go, i could see something like this:

Sapiens getting a bomber or fighter jet type unit that does high damage vs ground heavy. Great for breaking through plasma tanks, and speedy enough to get to walkers (maybe a one turn ability like someone suggested for the marauder that bypasses engagement?). It could be 400ish in cost and have OK stats vs ground light and air to keep it relevent in sap vs khral matchups.

Khrals get a flying suicide unit that blows up doing high damage vs air and ground light in a certain radius. It would infect anything it doesn't kill outright. Perhaps it could still have base damage attack to keep it more versatile as well as usable vs titans, although personally i think khrals stomp titan too badly now to give them another good weapon in that matchup.

Titans getting a support unit that can detect buried underlings in say a 1-2 area radius (doesnt sound big but it cant be too good or buried lings becomes a dead strategy). Ability could be permanent or maybe activated on a 3 turn cooldown. It could have a secondary ability to allow speeders and tanks to be teleported if they are adjacent to it (with restrictions to keep it balanced, like only one unit at a time, on cooldown of say 2-3 turns). As far as stats it would be say 9 mobility, 5-6 defense and 5-6 attack vs ground light and air - low or no attack vs ground heavy.

Other observations:

- I am not a fan of any defense boosting abilities. They would stagnate the game further in long standoff matches
- Another water unit is a fantastic idea, it would probably be a better addition than ground or air units in terms of fleshing out the gameplay. But it would also require more water maps in ranked random
- Don't name the titan unit "observer". This game borrows enough from Starcraft already LOL
Titans » Why I like the Titans. » Go to message
Tits are very effective against humans (males anyway!)
General Discussion » Players with no honor » Go to message
This game has very few truly even matchups. Some are more severe than others obviously, but where do you draw the line?

It is an inherent flaw in this game that must be overlooked in order to have fun (in my opinion). To ask for draws in random is not practical since most matchups would end in draws. True random players should just accept when they get a bad matchup and play it out, knowing that next time around they may be the one with the advantage. Either that or stick to non-random - although I can't see how someone could call themselves a top player if they avoid random.
General Discussion » Blackberry Bold 9700 » Go to message
Worked for me on a Blackberry Storm, but that was touchscreen. Can't really see how this game would work on a non-touchscreen phone.
General Discussion » Why capture bases in 1st turn? » Go to message
I suppose i was referring to random games only, where you can not cherry pick good race to race matchups. Seems random would be the best true test of skill for this game.
General Discussion » Weird defeat... » Go to message
I suppose my point was more to complain than anything. Personally I think if you still have at least 1 unit alive that can capture a base you should not be defeated.
Khraleans » Khrals vs Titans in DeadMonk » Go to message
I am with guolin on the importance of an early pinzer. only thing that hurts the pinzer is plasma tanks and walkers, which if played right the opponent should never get a chance to save up for a walker.

As an aside: for me, i find the pinzer+healer vs a titan's tank+healer to be an unfair matchup. they are pretty much the same combat strength, but the pinzer gets a "get out of jail free" +6 heal. not to mention that the tank can be ganged up up on much easier with buried underlings/wyrms/swarmers.
General Discussion » Weird defeat... » Go to message
I just had a game in which i lost but felt the system declared defeat too quickly. I'll explain it because it seems stupid to me.

It was on green isle as khral vs sapien (i was blue khral).

We built up boats for a while, then i struck and got the better of it, ending up with 3 boats (2 heavily damaged) to his 1. We are near his base. He retreated his boat, so it was halfway between my base and his. He also had sent up a marine which was within striking distance of taking my base. I had built a another boat though and attacked the marine putting it at 4 health so i didnt bother building an underling to block the marine. At this same time i had killed his other marine at his his base and had 2 underlings there that were ready to take his base. He had built another boat which i killed as well.

So i was on the verge of defeating him when he moves the 4 health marine to capture my base and attacks the boat near my base with his, leaving it at 4 health. It could not kill the marine so the marine captures my base. On my turn i am declared by the computer as defeated, which makes no sense whatsoever.

To recap in case this was confusing:

- I had 3 boats and 2 underlings near his base and he had no units there and no money since he spent it the previous turn on a boat. I also had another boat near my base. and 400 credits.
- he had a boat near my base and had just captured my base. He most likely had 0 credits at the time of capturing my base.

Next turn i would have captured both his base and his dock, keeping me in the game and still at a major advantage. He might have built a marine to block them but it would be dead from the boats. WHy should this be a loss for me?
General Discussion » Why capture bases in 1st turn? » Go to message
A thought exercise for you lion3.

Pretend that everything the blue player does on his first turn is already done - he captures his bases but does NOT build any units - and in so doing this we pretend his 2nd turn is actually his first. In other words the red player is going first. On most maps (maybe all?) I think you will find that the advantage of "going 2nd" given to the blue player in this scenario is greater than the one given to the red player.
Khraleans » Khrals vs Titans in DeadMonk » Go to message
I usually start with 1-2 underlings, then a pincer to block the path between trees. If you feel your pincer is in danger of getting killed build a healer unit, the +6 heal is downright unfair. Depending on what the opponent plays, you can go straight for a wyrm or do more buried underlings or even flying units. To be honest, this map heavily favors the Khral player, in my opinion at least.
General Discussion » spammed with random games » Go to message
I think 20 is the maximum games, maybe i am wrong. Now that they have been started you either have to play or quit. I believe quitting in the 1st turn loses you only half the normal points...
Bug Reports » Test » Go to message
congratulations you passed the test
Bug Reports » Unrated random game? » Go to message
Sorry we hijacked your thread Jarno.

Just an update for the mods, most every random game i start now it is paring me with someone way out of my point range (usually below)
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