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Technical Support Questions » Game forced to unrated » Go to message
Then play random games to increase your rating beyond 2000.
New Feature Request » Vision/undo turn exploit » Go to message
  drumstep wrote:Getting rid of the instant vision will just bring us back to where people switch accounts to undo and scout. At least the way it is now gives a clear and even playing field rather than some players taking advantage of an exploit that others may not be aware of.

Totally agree with you.
General Discussion » New Units and why IAP can/will be a bad idea!... » Go to message
I spent 5 dollars and already playing this game for 5 years. So it's no problem at all for me buying new units.

But the only thing I worry about is : how to allow newcomers try Uniwar in a fair game against another human online?

Unless they're absolutely craps, new units will definitely bring an advantage to players who have them someway.
When newcomers lose because they don't have those units. And they're still too new for Uniwar to buy an extra unit pack.
Then they might think : Well, this game is unfair. Let's find another game.

My suggested solution is : make new units enable only when players has score above 1700.

You will able to buy it after your score are above 1700. And you have to buy it only once.
But if your score drop below 1700, the extra unit pack will become disabled.
After you come back above 1700, it become enabled again. You don't have to buy it a second time.

This ensure newcomers with score around 1500-1700 will alway play a fair game against other players in their rank.
And after they play this game for a while and their score rise above 1700.
It's a good time for them to decide whether they want to be serious in Uniwar or not.
New Feature Request » Keep counting after time out » Go to message
Good idea.
Maybe display as red minus hour:minute.

For example : -12:45 (red color).
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.8.99 Availble in Google Play, Amazon & Apple » Go to message
Thanks for fixing the glowing green quickly.
The green dot marking is awesome. It's friendly to the eyes.
And you can't miss the unused units.
Bug Reports » Units glowing green » Go to message
I agree the new blinking green disturb my concentration a bit when I'm playing.
Especially it become more confused when mix with plaqued units.

For me I prefer shadowing units already moved like before
and notifying how many unmoved units left when ending the turn.

Or howabout instead of making unmoved units glowing green,
make them glowing with their assigned color but in the brighter tone ?

For example, red units blinking with the brighter red and so on for another colors.
This should be more comfortable to look at.
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion April 2016 » Go to message
In general the game become much more balance after waves of balance adjustment this year.
Thanks a lot. Now we can hope this game to reach the absolute balance in the near future.

Here's my opinions for further refining.

Kharl vs Sap is still a problem.
In my random match-up with players rating around 2300s like me, the one who pick Sap is almost always win.

Suggested solution :
+1 or +2 swarmer's ground-light attack.

After the February swarmer nerf it become a bit too weak.
Keep in mind that it was overpowered unit before.
Increase its infantry attack will make them deal better against marines and slightly-overpowered mecha.
While it still weak against ground-heavy and aerials.

Sap vs Titan is still slightly favor for titan on most map.
But much better than before.

Suggested solution :
+1 engineer's defense or mobility.

We know engineer is undoubtedly the weakest support unit today.
Then buff it a little will enable it to stand par with assim & infector.
Also this doesn't affect battle sap vs kharl at all.

Titan special problem.

After mecha buff and jeep & swarmer nerf, now titan is strong against both sap & kharl.
But it still become very weak in map with a lot of forest & mountains.
In map like that it can't fight neither kharl nor sap unless the titan player has very higher skill.

Suggested solution : Adjusting eclipse to make it a more all-around unit.

My eclipse's stat adjustment are :
+2 its mobility ( from 10 to 12 )
+1 its ground-heavy attack ( from 4 to 5)
and -2 aerial attack ( from 12 to 10).

This should transform eclipse from a anti-air specialist to a mobile & good all-around unit.
It still strong against aerial but not unbeatable.
New Feature Request » End Game additions » Go to message
Typically, maps prone to become stalemate are maps with no neutral base at the center to compete for.
And have a vast space separating the two opponents.
In such maps there's no incentive for players to move forward to control more land.
Since those land ahead are just an empty area without capability to make profit in.

In the real war, kings & emperors wage war to take the land from the target countries.
After they get the land, they get resources attaching to it and become stronger than their enemies.

Thus, if we apply this into uniwar.
Make players who can control more area get more resource than players who just stay safe in their city.
Then uniwarriors may behave like an ambitious kings & emperors in the world.
Eager to drive an enemy out and conquer more & more land from enemy's territory.

** So, my idea is : an engineer of all races can build a solar cell. **

The solar cell can be install over all land tiles except base and naval base.
It cost 50 credit. But every turn it receive solar energy from the tiles around them, including water and base tile.
If each tile around them has no unit standing on, it get solar energy from that tile and produce 3 credit.
But if the adjacent tile has a unit standing above, it doesn't get the solar energy from that tile.

Thus, it capable of producing 0 (if there's no free space around it) to 18 (if tiles around it are completely clear) credit per turn.

The solar cell occupy space like all other units. Units cannot stand above it.
But it can't move. And it has no zone of control.
It has weak defense. Enemies can shoot at it to destroy. And get veteran point after destroying it.
Allies can also destroy it to clear the space. But no veteran point get from destroying ally's solar cell.
The damaged solar cell will produce less money according to its hp.

So, Whar the solar cell's idea is for?

It's simple. But will enhance players to move forward to control more area.
And when both players move forward to control more area, the encounter is promoted.

The players who control more area can find clear spots to place solar cells and get full of its capacity.
While players who retreat behind their city can build fewer solar cell. And its efficiency reduced since there're crowd of units around.

General Discussion » only paid undo will work soon » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:

.... Ideas on how to undo in a way that is good for the community and also finacially for the game are most welcome

So I think adding 5-10 turns cooldown to the undo button is the optimal choice.

If you expect to play this game for years, buying an unlimited undo is still the most economic decision.

All players can correct their mistakes either by spending 2 unicoins to correct each mistake or paying hundreds at once and correct your mistakes for free forever.
Either way, developers get money to run this game.

But the use of unlimited undo for purposes other than correction, such as seeing behind fog of war or circumnavigating random factors, should be drastically reduced.

This will make all players stand at the same ground.
And bring the Fog Of War back alive & intimidating to all players.
General Discussion » Great disrespect calls for even greater tolerance. » Go to message
This is an interesting topic.
I agree players shouldn't use the username that intend to offense people.
And I almost agree with you in banning the name Adolf & Hitler.

But I google those names a little bit.
And surpise that the name Adolf is among the common name in German speaking country maybe like name Micheal/John in English.
Although the name become rarer & rarer after Adolf Hitler.

For example :
Adolf Dassler, German entrepreneur and founder of Adidas (1900–197
Adolf Bastian, German anthropologist (1826–1905)
Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden, King of Sweden (1882–1973)
Adolf Meyer (psychiatrist), Swiss-American psychiatrist (1866–1950)
Adolf Meyer (architect), German architect (1881–1929)

And Hitler is a surname that exist for centuries in German & Austria.

Here're some interesting post in the Guardian about Hitler surname:

" I was born with the Hitler surname. I took the name of my stepfather at my mother's urging when I was 13-years-old. I'm now trying to find out where my former surname came from. My grandfather, on my father's side, used to say that it was of British origin. And, after doing a little genealogical research, I discovered that several Hitlers migrated from Germany to Ohio in the 1760s. My family on my father's side is originally from Ohio, so this seems like a good lead. However, I haven't been able to get much farther in my research than this, as my father has passed away. My grandfather also seems to have no real idea where the name came from. If anyone has any info. it'd be much appreciated. "

Christopher Granger, Dumfries, VA, US

" I am orginally from Ohio and know that there were or are Hitlers in southern Ohio. It is believed that they have been there since the early or mid 1800s. There was a road with the Hitler name in southern Ohio named after a very respectable family with the name Hitler long before the Nazi era (in the 19th century). I don't know if the name of the road has changed since the days of the Nazis. It would be interesting to find out. "

John Gabel, Eustis, Florida US


After all, I agree the name "Adolf Hitler" not only Adolf or Hitler should be ban since it's definitely link to Adolf Hitler.
Also the name "Twin tower down" since we're sure about the player's intention. Nobody in the world really have that surname.
General Discussion » only paid undo will work soon » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:

Finding the "best" move is considered fun by a lot of top players. Taking that away would really change the competitive environment. Most players I believe wouldn't be in favor of this.

If your issue is with FOW scouting, then I think Amidama's suggestion might have merit. Or some change to how FOW is updated anyway.

Finding the best move can also be done without resetting the whole turn.
As I don't buy an unlimited undo, I use undo to correct my fatal mistake only. It's cost my real money.

Still I can redo my turn many times in my head using my imaginary & experience on this game.
My current rating is around 2300s. Not a top players.
But can assure you we human being are capable of devising complex battle plan using sheer brain power.

As a player who adhere to Uniwar for years, for me buying an unlimited undo is actually a cheaper choice.
But I don't want to get a habbit of using undo to create the best move. And weaken my mental ability.

I want this game help me improve my imaginary power.
Perhap someday I can think like Napoleon in the battle of Austerliz
or Hannibal in the battle of Cannae.
These great guys can devise great battle plan without using time-machine to redo their whole operation.

And if you compare perfecting your turn with unlimited undo to having a short-distance time-machine in the real war,
you know this feature is never be a minor advantage.
If you pay for it, you've more chance to win.

Thus, the best solution for me is limiting the use of undo in some way.
Also I'll buy an unlimited undo if it can prevent me from addicting to it. To save my budget in the long run.
General Discussion » only paid undo will work soon » Go to message
I support removing an unofficial undo.
Make the game fair for all players. Whether they know this forum exist or not.
And it's a realistic way to continually recruit money for the game development.

But the abuse of undo to see behind fog of war is the real thing today.

And with your plan to further reduce visions acros all units,
that will increase an advantage for players who abuse undo for a vision.

I really don't want this beautiful game Uniwar fall into another pay-to-win game.

So my suggestion is :
* An undo button for each game slot has a cooldown time somewhere between 5 to 10 turns. *

Please consider this. Should make players only press the undo button when they find very important reasons to do.

Bottom line :
- Never let this game become an another pay-to-win game. This set Uniwar apart form thousands of game in the app store.
- Make the undo button exist for correct player's mistake only. Not for any other abused usages.
General Discussion » Questions/suggestions re vision, FOW and undo » Go to message
  amidama wrote:devs cant limit it so far, offer something else

Devs can limit it if they make the game sync to server every move. Not just when ending the whole turn like today.
General Discussion » Questions/suggestions re vision, FOW and undo » Go to message
@Hexmayor. I agree that we should find the way to make the fog of war real.
It will enhance an experience of this game.
And make the game fair for all players.

Your idea about limit amount of using undo is interesting.

For example. Make an undo button has a cool-down time of 7 turn for each game slot.
That will dramatically reduce using undo button for scouting.
Otherwise they loss an opportunity to undo when they really make a mistake.

By doing that, we have to eliminate an option to undo by switching account.
But I think that's better. Make this game fair for all players.
And increase support for the developers.

General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
If you feel need to reduce jeep's ground-light attack to prevent it from solo the capturing infatry in single turn,
could you please consider compensate that nerf with something else instead ?

Otherwise jeep will become a too-weak unit like swarmer today.

Maybe +1 its ground-heavy attack instead to improve sap-titan balance? Or +1 its defence.

- - - - - - - - - - -

About vision. The idea of vision change in forest & mountain is interesting.
But it's important to make it simple for players to calculate enemy's visions.

Maybe +1 vision for infantry on mountain.
-1 vision for unit in forest.
And -2 or -3 vision when see through forest/mountain. (calculate the same way as mobility cost)

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