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UniWar: Origins » Mystery » Go to message
New Feature Request » disable auto zoom on double tap » Go to message
it does annoy me sometimes, but other times it helps me not scroll through the map, so idk on this one

but movements on replays does annoy me by a whole lot, can we have an option to disable that too?
General Discussion » Gang Up Bonus explanation needed. » Go to message
go to this page, it should give you all you need in gangup mechanics

New Feature Request » Submarine defenses » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:there is no "easy" way to let them just deal 1-3 dammage to the subs...

Amphibious torpedoes

In seriousness, anti submarine measures should be able to be available to amphibious, since subs will just wreck ships now
General Discussion » CTF map making challenge » Go to message
I'm joining in on this
New Feature Request » You should fake real players with bots » Go to message
  wookieontheweb wrote:Bots are too dumb. They play at a sub 1500 level. They are also really obviously bot players as they all play the same way and once you know it's a bot its too easy to beat. e.g. You can beat a bot simply by building engineer type units, assuming that engineer will convert the bot's base unit ... bots never learn.

He meant creating AIs based on our performance and playstyle, a custom learning AI
New Feature Request » You should fake real players with bots » Go to message
sounds like a really good idea, it'll also practice ourselves too
New Feature Request » Unit Count » Go to message
If you guys want this as a mechanic, here's what I think of:

If a unit is wounded, its attack stats will be lowered, depending how many it has. If a unit has:

10 counts = Unit loses atk stat for every 1 Hp is lost
5 counts = Unit loses atk stat for every 2 Hp is lost
2 counts = Unit loses atk stat for every 5 Hp is lost
1 count = Unit is immune to stat lost, otherwise, it dies

To counteract the powerhouse rule, it has a subversive one:

10 counts = Unit can deal +5 atk max upon gangup
5 counts = Unit can deal +4 atk max upon gangup
2 counts = Unit can deal +3 atk max upon gangup
1 count = Unit can deal +2 atk max upon gangup

Well, this can really complicate things a whole lot tho :/
New Feature Request » Unit Count » Go to message
My thoughts on each unit's count:


Marine: 5
Engineer: 5
Mecha II: 2
Fuze: 2
Marauder: 2
Bopper: 1
Submarine: 1
Tank: 2
Helicopter: 2
Battery: 1
Destroyer: 1


Underling: 10
Infector: 5
Infected Marine: 5
Salamander: 2
Borfly: 5
Swarmer: 5
Kraken: 1
Garuda: 2
Pinzer: 2
Wrym: 2
Leviathan: 1


Mecha: 2
Assimilator: 2
Cyber Underling: 10
Mantisse: 5
Speeder: 2
Guardian: 1
Skimmer: 1
Eclipse: 2
Plasma Tank: 1
Walker: 1
Hydronaut: 2
New Feature Request » Unit Count » Go to message
While I was making more ideas in my game project, I came of an idea, what if we have a unit count?

It's simple in a way

This can just be used as an aesthetic novelty, adding flavor to the game, which could make interesting thoughts
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.12.3/4 (Beta) with new aquatic units » Go to message
  Porphyr wrote:In the new version, health of submerged units appears on the left side, should be on the right. The new visualisation looks bad when units are stacked. This applies to buried underlings as well.

Also, you can now see the health of enemy buried/submerged units. This is supposed to be hidden.

Buried/Submerged units do have their Hp at the left side, nothing wrong with it, but us being able to see enemy buried/submerged is something new
General Discussion » Skipping players in tournaments » Go to message
What happened to the 18 hour limit? Wasn't that for consideration?
New Feature Request » New Marine Ability Idea: Transport » Go to message
They can't retaliate either

It doesn't have a duration limit, but it does have a cooldown duration to prevent convenience spamming

It's a very small one something that could be carried or something, I'm thinking of the jeep as a one seater unit.

Why I think of this instead bc to keep the promise of no transport units, Uniwar's unique for it and the ability of transporting oneself is a loophole to the restriction
New Feature Request » New Marine Ability Idea: Transport » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:I'm confused.

So the marine just randomly becomes a transformer and turns into a jeep?

That seems odd to me. I guess that the transporter unit would have totally different stats? Like, no attack and very low defense? And an inability to capture bases?

But at this point, we are talking about:
1) a transforming unit? Where did the jeep come from. Where does it go when the marine is done with it...
2) creation of multiple new animations, including the jeep driving into the hex?? (or other vehicle), the marine entering the jeep, and then all of the animations for the jeep actually driving around.
3) assignment of stat changes to the now new unit...?
4) animations and what happens once the unit goes away...

What I'm trying to say:
At this point, with all that would be required, why NOT just make a new unit that actually just transports GL units. Or if you please, just infantry units.

(As an aside. I think there are other ways to approach this beside transporter units. Forward deployment units I think could fill this role. Or a unit which can buff movement speed of a unit type could also work. I think we all would like more support units, and if we look at it from this perspective we can attempt to increase the flavor of each race by addressing this uniquely for each race versus just making transporter units...)

The ability only applies to the user itself, so the Marines transform into them hopping onto tiny jeeps themselves, gaining +4 mobility and changing their unit affinity to GH
They won't transport other units, just by themselves
How it works is that they use Transport to gain extra mobility, but they won't attack or capture bases, the user's defense remains the same and can be switched on and off at the beginning of the unit's action, so tap on the ability 1st before you move around with it

I hope this helps
General Discussion » UniWar gets acquired by Spooky House Studios » Go to message
  fireday wrote:
Animated replays
Animated moves
Camera zoom in
Double tap to zoom

We dont need all of this
In last update was implement zoom-effect when open battle,
pls, off it. its useless feature, thx

I agree with animated moves, I don't think it's necessary for the game, the animated attacks are already good enough

The rest have already been implemented, they're pretty useful tho, especially the replays, where we can see what happened and keep them
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