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Bug Reports » Defeating player does not update base. » Go to message
If you are watching the map in a free-for-all game when a player is defeated by having no surface units and no having no bases uncovered, the base is not redrawn as neutral until after leaving and re-entering the map.
Bug Reports » Buried underling counts not updated » Go to message
If you are watching a game when some one moves, buried update counts are not updated till you leave and re-enter the map.

In particular, if an enemy underling buries next to a unit of yours, the count does not increase. If a buried underling moves, counts for adjacent units are not updated.
General Discussion » Crazy what happened here? » Go to message
moederin no longer has access to the game and a server side fix is coming. I'm sure the UniWar team will respond shortly.
General Discussion » Online Code of Conduct - The UniWar "Constitution" » Go to message
I think unnecessary alliances should not be allowed.

For example, I've had a player ask to ally with me the first move of the game.

Other players can counter this by also allying. However, I, and I am sure other players feel this way as well, don't particularly like asking for alliances or imposing the need on others for them to ask for an alliance.

General Discussion » Importance of strategic gameplay vs. base grab » Go to message
Just be happy you never saw the code for Strategic Conquest. It would do things twice to make sure they were done right.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Random attack factors too extreme » Go to message
Measuring how extreme the random factors are is very difficult from a player perspective. Most of the time, damage overages make no difference. Underages are the easiest to see. I know from one sync error, I felt totally ripped that the previous play was not repeatable.

A huge part of the reason knowing the damage formula was important was because of its extreme randomness and the buggyness.

Now that the buggyness is gone, I am able to evaluate the randomness.

As a game programmer, I was initially surprised you only used 6 die. But, now I am fairly certain you should use more.

Here's why: People may be happy when they get a lucky hit. But, most of the time, the units die with the extra damage making no difference. People are biased to remember negative experiences. They remember very well being cheated. That's how damage underages feel. Additionally, this being cheated is exaggerated when luck causes a double imbalance not in their favor between the damage done between two units.

If your intention is to make the game more fun, the extremeness of the randomness is making the game less fun.

If your intention is to add some variance, that's admirable, however, I feel it is too extreme.

The random factors are currently 6 die. I would like try 7 or 8.

General Discussion » heli nerf - sapiens are weak to often » Go to message
I also believe the current random factors are too wide. Currently, 6 die are rolled. I think 7 or 8 die should be tried.
New Feature Request » Getting Uniwar back into the Appstore top 10! » Go to message
I understand an ad supported version is on the way.

What they really need to do is a usability study and fix the flaws.

I love the game, but there are many times I almost quit. If they found out why people quit, then they could address the worst offending flaws.

General Discussion » Attack calculations » Go to message
The penalty for re-downloading the game again could be stiffer:


Ther e is no penalty.


Your turn is automatically skipped with healing occurring and a global chat announcement is made.

If the message occurs a lot, you know someone is a cheater.

True, this penalize people encountering genuine sync bugs, but it is a rare price to pay.


New Feature Request » Announce skipped turns » Go to message
Please announce skipped turns in global chat.

Often, the player who skips another has an advantage over players who do not know about the skip.

In particular: In full planet non-team, the skipper can plan for removal of the player.

New Feature Request » Easy improvements to chat » Go to message
1: Have the keyboard entry window show "Team" or "Global" in the title bar. This makes it easy to confirm you are not going to send the message to the wrong group.

2: If the person cancels the message. Give them the entered text as the selected default next time they enter chat. This allows them to easily check things as they compose messages. And to easily confirm things before they send the message.

New Feature Request » Expanded Games Limit » Go to message
I know that many players have more than 1 account to play in more games. It is too much of a hassle for me to bother. But, on a slow day like today, I wish I was in more games.

It would be nice if there was a version of UniWar that supported 50 simultaneous games.

General Discussion » What are your reasons for not surrendering when doomed? » Go to message
An example of DOOMED:

On full planet: the rest of your team has been removed. You have 1 base. The enemy has 24 bases. You have a marine. You are DOOMED.

This is not a matter of opinion. True, all your opponents could surrender, but more likely you're holding up four other people from moving on.
New Feature Request » Add ratings requirement to new games » Go to message
It is absolutely silly to be manually booting a dozen people because the don't meet the ratings requirement. Please let a ratings minimum be a built in option for new games.
New Feature Request » Change the play order for full planet. » Go to message
Keep the old map! The old map is wonderful and balanced for team play. My original comments were for balancing single player play.

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