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***begin transmission***

Members of the galactic council - I am Gunfighter of 6H3XS1, a skilled tactician of house Ludh granted prime rank by our elders. Our tribe is mostly mercenaries, although some join the military.

Of the two great houses of our tribe, my twin brother and rival [Cezar] come from house Ludh. We have fought together for years and even conquered the ultimate arena. The elders chose wisely in sending him with me.

[Fractalf] and his brother [Hironakalande] of the other great house of Gungnir, have gained victories for our tribe as well. The Gungnir have fought against my brother and I for years, but the elders see fit for both houses to gain in the war games.

A mighty prophet [pashaka] appeared among our tribe some time ago. He holds mysterious powers unlike any other I have witnessed. The good fortune he has brought our tribe led the elders to send him with me.

The prophet has taken interest in a bard from our people [miamimoose] who also joins our war games mission. Rumors have been told of the prophet granting powers to the bard to even manipulate the fates of men. Others claim he's a madman who thinks himself a large beast, but his skill in the arena is not often questioned.

We submit these warriors to the games!

***end transmission***
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This all sounds really fun! Merc for hire here @200uc. Lots of tournament experience as team member and captain. My best race is titans and am very strong with saps as well. Khral is my weakest race. Looking forward to working with your teams and seeing some good strategy! -Gunfighter
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