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Messages posted by: Uniwarpoland
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Bug Reports » Serious healing bug. » Go to message
Deliri you were able to end your turn after healing twice?
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.5x in BETA on Google Play » Go to message
Strange bug, as pretty imp is khral and he can't have marines.
I checked this game and on my screen (in 1.9.52) everything is ok.
Bug Reports » Underling resurfaced and attacked in the same turn » Go to message
If you are writing about 10 round attack on the walker, the answer on you Q is YES.
Watch some tutorials on my YouTube channel:
General Discussion » Question on damage preview » Go to message
Check out this damage calculator:
when you choose two pinzers you can read that 2 damage is weak hit, 3 damage normal hit while 4 damage critical hit.
Bug Reports » Misleading healt numbers » Go to message
Do you have screenshots or can you post link to replay?
New Feature Request » New ways to get or earn Uni-coins » Go to message
  MSonny wrote:Ingame Message (08.11.16):
Dear UniWarriors, Today we will update the server with upcoming features like REWARD, ACHIEVEMENT and new TILES. The estimated downtime will be around 5 minutes. Thank you for your patience.

Since nothing happend so far: Is there another problem or is this the start of the beta phase and (accidentally?) everybody got the message.

It is only SERVER upadate not a game update.
General Discussion » UniWar is missing out on YouTube content » Go to message
There is also very nice channel on YouTube "UniWar Poland"

You can watch there some tutorials and braodcasts from the finals, for example:
Technical Support Questions » Game forced to unrated » Go to message
  axispanther wrote:Thanks for your response! But as I write we have BOTH more than 2000 score! This happened not only once, but with every game in the last weeks.

As Duaneski said if your opponent is >2000 points game is forced to unrated, it doesn't matter what is your rank.
Ogólna dyskusja » Szkółka Niedzielna » Go to message
Super pomysł
No i Gmoch wymiata
Myślę że takie gry testowe lepiej grać bez mgły wojny bo będziecie wrzucać screeny a jak wiadomo łatwiej jest skautować w czasie swojej tury a potem przy ustawieniu końcowym skautowania już nie widać.
Mapa jest bardzo fajna ale SAP ma przewagę bo lasy i góry w środku sprzyjają marines + helikopter a pusty środek i "tunele" za lasami sprzyjają marauderom. KHRAL może przy odrobinie szczęścia użyć infector ale będzie to trudne. Cała nadzieja w underling + swarmer.
General Discussion » Prizes for the tournaments » Go to message
I am also waiting for April prize. I filled the poll twice.
New Feature Request » Chat, Tournament Listing, & Tournament Start Improvements » Go to message
In tournament list should be some additional bookmark for tournaments in which you participate or some filters (rookie, championship, team, same race, casual etc).
Bug Reports » Damage indicators » Go to message
There are some white indicators, I don't know what for they are...
General Discussion » Uniwar Archive of Brilliant Matches » Go to message
I have some great games recorded and posted on YouTube, here is the playlist of these videos:
General Discussion » UniWar Trailer and GamePlay » Go to message
How do you like my new trailer about UniWar on YouTube?
UniWar Trailer

Do you think it's ok or I should change something?
Some images and game records are a little bit old but Xavi still improves the game so it's impossible to keep everything fresh
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.30 Submitted to BETA » Go to message
How post links in chat?
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