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General Discussion » Is Uniwar going south? » Go to message
I am feeling same things you mention.

General Discussion » Attack calculations » Go to message
That would help.
But suppose you know (or suspect) someone is cheating.
You are already stuck in the game with them past turn#3.
If you quit you lose points.

I myself have had to re-download the game several times in the past when I would get black screens.

The Random factors will never be "cheater free" and also they are just plain reducing my enjoyment of the game.
General Discussion » heli nerf - sapiens are weak to often » Go to message
It sounds to me that what the last few posters are really complaining about is the new random attack factors and how variable they can be.

I agree!

The new random attack factors give results that are just too wide. I dont know if my attack will do 1 damage or 4 damage. It makes the game less fun.

As for the Heli - I strongly disagree with making it any stronger in any way.

What's New in the Latest Updates » Random attack factors too extreme » Go to message
It seems like the random attack factors are now too extreme.

You dont know if your attack will do 1 damage or 4 damage.

I just attacked a 7 health garuda with a 10 health heli.
My Heli took 4 damage.
Come on. This is just extreme and is unpredictable.

Anyone else seeing this?
What do others think?
New Feature Request » Change the play order for full planet. » Go to message
  ahbritto wrote: Keep the old map! The old map is wonderful and balanced for team play. My original comments were for balancing single player play.

Agreed! The old map is very well balanced for team games. It is only unfair in free-for-all games. I would hate to lose the old map for team games.
General Discussion » Attack calculations » Go to message

Hi Ahzdeen,

I appreciate the discussion, but you quoted something I posted over 3 months ago. We have moved on since then...
We know now that the server just seeds the client which then uses the seed(s) to generate the random numbers.

If someone wants to cheat, they dont need a packet sniffer or other such "heroic" measures. There is a very simple and quick way to play your turn and then to re-set it and play it over again. So anyone can see the outcome of the attacks (and also the fog of war) and then re-play their turn based on those outcomes.

The truth is there is no good solution for random attack factors. If the server seeds the client it is always possible for the client to cheat by showing the info to the player. If the server "rolls the dice" this will slow down game play and not let you play offline.

This is just one more reason (among many others) that I would like to see the random factors eliminated from the game.
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Pop Quiz » Go to message
You guys are correct.

UV will not work.

The Marauder is the only unit in the game that can kill a buried underling by driving on and off of it multiple times.
If the underling is under a mountain then there is simply no way to kill it.
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Pop Quiz » Go to message
For all you Uniwar trivia buffs out there:

Is there any way to kill a fully healthy buried underling while it remains buried (never resurfaces) and does not move? If you think yes then how? If you think not, then why not?

Answer to be provided in a few days.

General Discussion » BOT opponents offline? » Go to message
Yes, bots seem to be down.
Developers - are you fixing this?

Khraleans » Khral vs. Saps large airial battles » Go to message
I am currently playing Khrals vs. Saps and have a very large arial battle standoff. My opponent has 12 Helis. I have 12 Garudas and 8 swarmers.

What is the best strategy for Khrals when fighting a very large force of Heli's?

1) Should the Khral player build mostly Garudas, mostly Swarmers, or a mix of both?
2) What formation should be used? I have a line of Garudas in front and a line of Swarmers directly behind them. I plan to add a third line of Garudas which would form a "Swarmer sandwich" (TM). Is this the best formation?
3) Should I attack first or wait to be attacked first?
4) Is there any point in putting some Wyrms in the back? Seems like they would be easy targets for the Heli's once the battle started. Our map is mostly ocean in any case.
5) The longer we wait and build up our army's, which side benefits more?
6) Right now there are 5 hexes between my front line and my opponents front line so neither side can attack. Is it best to advance 1 hex at a time, or several hexes, or wait for them to advance, etc?
7) Is it better for either side if the formation is a straight line or a zigzagging line?

I am looking for specific, well thought out answers that explain why one strategy is supperior to another here.
General Discussion » heli nerf - sapiens are weak to often » Go to message
  draka wrote: well i am glad everyone agrees that saps, especiallly heli's are to weak now, the question appears to be what the best change would be as it should only be a very small one

Hi Draka,

I think this is an interesting discussion and thank you for bringing it up, but not everyone agrees that Sap's are too weak now. It seems to me that Saps and Khrals are about even now, with some maps favoring one over the other. The Saps can bring in Marines to the air battle while Khrals cannot, so it seems reasonable that Garudas + Swarmers should be at least equal in battle vs. Heli's.

Whenever I play Khrals vs. Saps, my opponents always bring in a ton of Marines + some Marauders. I can only use Garudas and Swarmers since all the other Khral units are useless against the Heli's.

General Discussion » heli nerf - sapiens are weak to often » Go to message
  Synozeer wrote: Garudas and helicopters now do even damage to each other, even though the helicopter costs 150 more.

That is not true. Heli's have a higher defense strength so they take less damage.
New Feature Request » Change the play order for full planet. » Go to message
  kralux wrote: lion37 idea is the most fair and straightforward idea.
If you guys like that, we will modify the map and create a V2 for the next update so that this will be a better balanced map to play.
Thank you for reporting this and improving the game's maps!

Thanks Kralux.

If you dont mind, please keep the old map as well (maybe call them FP1 and FP2).
Lots of people have invested a lot of effort into developing strategies for FP1, and I dont want them to blame me for taking away their map.
Guides & Tips » Resetting your Turn » Go to message
You should not have posted this as now everyone will do it.

However, since the cat is out of the bag, I want to point out that this also creates a problem with the random attack factors as you can see the results of your attacks, then reset your turn if you dont like them.
New Feature Request » Change the play order for full planet. » Go to message
Another idea is to have each player start already owning 2 bases in the outer ring with no soldier units at all. Seems fair and simple to me.
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