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Messages posted by: Gargoyle
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New Feature Request » Terrain visibility » Go to message
I like this idea! I wouldn't mind hiding a tank behind some mountains and then ... SURPRISE!!
New Feature Request » Improvements for team matches » Go to message
I love both these ideas. I've already had one game where I sat a tank on an ally's base because I didn't realize he was an ally.

And gifting credits gives you a way of helping an ally that is on the other side of the map that you can't get troops to. I'm a little nervous also about gifting bases; I think there might be some potential for abuse there.
New Feature Request » Improvements for team matches » Go to message
  omulu wrote:
On another note: private chat between Team Members would be awesome.

Coming in 1.0.3. It will make a huge difference!
New Feature Request » Scoring algorithm? » Go to message
I agree with DEvil. More carnage should equal more points.
New Feature Request » Pinch to zoom in and out » Go to message
I agree - great suggestion.
Sapiens » my way of the sapiens <xavier2free> » Go to message
Sorry, I've got to disagree with your opinion of the Destroyer. Because of the range advantage, a clever Titan player can use a Hydronaut to hit the Destroyer for -7 without taking any damage, before the Destroyer can fight back. I'll take the Hydro any day.
Technical Support Questions » Disappearing Chats » Go to message

Just wanted to thank you and the rest of the UniWar team for all of your quick responses to our questions and concerns. I can't wait for 1.0.3!
Sapiens » vs. Plasma tanks » Go to message
I agree with clamato. Because of their high mobility and double move, Marauders can often be much more deadly than helos. (And with the rule change, Marauders now heal faster than helos!)
General Discussion » Uniwar Anonymous Meets Tuesday at 8:00 » Go to message
I need this NOW!
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
UniWar just made the Helo healing +1 instead of +2. They must be listening...
New Feature Request » Thanks UniWar team! » Go to message
The UniWar team is taking this forum seriously. They just modified the Helicopter stats to make it a little less overwhelming; in part (I think) because of the feedback on this forum.

Thanks for listening!!
New Feature Request » Make Helicopters cost 550 points instead of 500 » Go to message
Be careful what you wish for! They just made helos only +1 instead of +2 when they heal, and reduced their effectiveness against Ground Light.
New Feature Request » Better undo feature » Go to message
Team chat is announced for the 1.0.3 upgrade. Yay - this was something that was REALLY needed!
New Feature Request » Push notification » Go to message
With the release of iPhone 3.0, I'd love for the app to send me a push notification that I have a turn waiting. I think this would work better than e-mail.
New Feature Request » Create New Bases » Go to message
I'd like to see the Engineer/Infector/Assimilator units be able to create a new base in addition to capturing existing bases. New bases would destroy the unit (same as a capture), and might cost something like 1,000 credits to limit the number.

What do you think?
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