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Messages posted by: savior59
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Titans » Why I like the Titans. » Go to message
I think tans might be a better nickname for Titans......
New Feature Request » Uniwar2? » Go to message
Is Uniwar2 coming out soon, if at all? If so, the Uniwar team should add 1 or two more races and ditch the rock,paper,sissors idea.
General Discussion » Attack calculations » Go to message
Lol at your icon Robin, sorry it isnt related but its just hysterical
Sapiens » Beating Guardia Mass » Go to message
Alot of the times I play Khralean players they usually mass up on guardias. Especially on open maps with only dirt like Starvation. How can I stop these OP units easily?
New Feature Request » Transport Ships » Go to message
The most perfect idea ever! I agree all the way!
Guides & Tips » Playing Music during gameplay » Go to message
How to play music: Turn off music setting in uniwar. Exit out of uniwar and play any song you have, then go back onto uniwar.
New Feature Request » Better base quality » Go to message
I think that bases should give more attack and deffense to units. Also I think that they should double hp recovory and have a slightly farther range of sight.
New Feature Request » New Race! » Go to message
well instead of adding one race they could add two more for balance. Balance might be better if two races are added, going like this:

Titans: slow and pricy, but powerful
Unknown: Moderatly pricy, kinda powerful
Sapiends: Moderate all around
Unknown:Moderatly cheap, somewhat weak
Khraleans: cheap and weak
Forum Index Profile for savior59 »» Messages posted by savior59
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